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KS3 Science Y7/8/9

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Key stage 3 - Y7 and Y8


Table Heading Year 7 Year 8
Term 1

Introduction to Science


KS3 Literacy Terms

Introduction to Science

  • Digestion (Biology)
  • Breathing (Biology)
  • Climate (Chemistry)
  • Elements (Chemistry)
  • Forces Intro. (Physics)
  • Forces and Motion (Physics)


KS3 Literacy Terms

Assessment A 45 minute paper covering: Cells, Movements, Particle Model, Elements, Energy Transfer and Wave Effects and Properties

A 45 minute paper covering: Digestion, The Periodic Table and Science Skills

Term 2
  • Respiration (Biology)
  • Photosynthesis (Biology)
  • Periodic Table (Chemistry)
  • Types of Reaction (Chemistry)
  • Electrical Energy (Physics)
  • Thermal Energy (Physics)

A 45 minute paper covering: Human Reproduction, Plant Reproduction, Separating Mixtures and Gravity & The Universe

A 45 minute paper covering: Breathing, Respiration, Types of Reaction, Metals & Non-Metals, Contact Forces, Speed

Term 3

Key stage 3 - Y9   We will be taking students through GCSE fundamentals this year.

Please make sure you are choosing the knowledge organiser in the correct column for you (Combined Foundation/Combined Higher/Triple)

  Combined Foundation Combined Higher Triple
Term 1

Y9 assessment paper 1 will cover:

  • P1a – Energy 
  • B1a – Cell structure
  • C1a – Atomic structure and the periodic table
Term 2

Y9 assessment paper 2 will cover:

  • B1a – Cell Biology: cell structure and transport
  • B1b – Cell Biology: cell division
  • B2a – Organisation: the human digestive system
  • C1a – Atomic structure
  • C1b – Periodic table
  • C2 - Bonding
  • P1a and b Energy 
  • P2 – electricity
Term 3