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Summer Transition Work 2023

Please open the relevant subject work below, and click on the hyperlinks.


A Level Biology Summer Transition Work

Hello Y11 Biologist - Meadowhead Science department are so pleased to see lots of you planning to take Biology at A-Level. It really is a fantastic subject and I think you will enjoy studying it and get a lot out of it.

Over the Summer holidays, the A-Level Biology team would like you to do some "transition work". The aim of this is to keep your brain cells ticking along nicely and to consolidate your understand of some GCSE Biology ideas. Do not worry about trying to read ahead or start learning the A-Level course yet. There is lots of it, and it is tricky, but remember you will have 5 hours of lessons each week and do lots of independent study too. So do not panic!

We have hand picked tasks from the AQA A-Level Biology transition booklet. Please read through the booklet up to page 9 and then complete the activities. It might be useful to space out tasks over the coming weeks.

Please bring your booklet to your first lesson so we can see how you did.

All the very best and stay safe,

Mr Stephenson, Mrs Markham, Miss Moore and Miss Gomes

Business Studies BTEC


coming soon!

Maths/Further Maths


Miss Shea's Transition work

Task 1 - what is Sociology


Mr Cooper's  and Mrs Beeden-Fogg's Transition work

Task - Unit – Education and Methods