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Meadowhead School

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Christmas 2021 Arrangements

School Christmas Dinner will take place on Wednesday 15th December 2021

The final day of term will be Friday 17th December 2021, with students finishing school from 12 noon. Students will be dismissed between 12:15pm and 12:30pm. School meals will be available after 12:00pm, although it is expected that most students will eat their lunch during an extended break earlier in the day. If you are unable to accommodate this change, provision will be made for students to remain in school until the normal time of 2:45pm. Please let us know if you would like your child to remain in school until 2:45pm.

There will be a non-uniform day to support fundraising on the last day of term. All students wanting to be in non-uniform/Christmas jumper will be asked to donate £1 which will go to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Snowflake Appeal and Cash for Kids.

Following new government guidance schools are now required to open test centres on our return from the Christmas break and mass test students to help control the spread of COVID-19. Return to school testing will take place on Tuesday 4th January – the scheduled start of the new term. On this day, the school will only be open to students for testing (details below).

Please continue to use the Lateral Flow Devices for regular non-symptomatic testing.   Our students will be given one of three types as we use up current stock and are delivered new ones - click here for quick instructions for each


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a restful time with your loved ones over the festive break.


Return to school Covid-19 testing arrangements - Tuesday 4th January

On this day, the school will only be open to students for testing and they do not need to wear school uniform.

Students will be asked to arrive at their designated time slot and then to return home. Schools have only been asked to test students once on their return but parents are encouraged to continue with twice weekly testing at home.

School will reopen to all students on Wednesday 5th January as normal in full uniform for Year 7- Year 11.

There will not be live lessons on the Tuesday but students will be asked to consolidate their learning from the autumn term using their knowledge organisers on ClassCharts. Work to be competed at home on this day will be discussed with students before the end of term.

The timings of student testing are shown below, and will take place in one hour slots per year group. Students are asked to arrive at the start time of their year group block if they are to have a COVID-19 test.

Year 7 - 9am

Year 8 - 10am

Year 9 - 11am

Year 10 - 12pm

Year 11 - 1pm

Year 12 &13 -  2pm

Only students who have parental consent (or have given self-consent if aged 16 or over) can be tested in the testing centre. We will use existing records to determine those that have consented.

If you have not previously given consent and would like your child to be tested in January, please complete the online consent form by Thursday 16th December by using this link - 

If you would no longer like your child to be tested in January, please complete the online consent form by Thursday 16th December: 

Our best hopes are that we will see less disruption due to COVID-19 in the new year. Thank you for your ongoing support with all safety measures in school, especially with the home testing as it massively helps to control the spread of the virus in our community.