Dress Code

At Meadowhead we believe very strongly in developing and maintaining the school’s identity both amongst our students and within the community.  We develop this identity in a series of ways.  We always focus upon the form as the basic ‘family unit’ in school.  We then build upon this by emphasising the importance of the year group.  Ultimately we develop ‘school spirit’ through a host of academic, social, creative and sporting activities.  The most obvious identifying link in all this is the school’s dress code.

The main item of the code is the school sweatshirt, which is green with the school logo embroidered upon it.  In response to School Council requests, we have recently introduced a green school cardigan which may be worn instead of the school sweatshirt.  Students then have a choice of a black or white polo shirt with a school logo, which they must wear underneath if they intend to remove their sweatshirt or cardigan at any time during the school day.

The school Dress Code:

  • Meadowhead Sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Meadowhead black or white polo shirt
  • Smart plain black trousers or knee length-skirt worn with black tights
  • No jeans of any colour or style, denims, jogging trousers, combats, leggings, jeggings or shorts.
  • Plain black leather, or leather look shoes
  • No shoes with logos, coloured designs or lines. No trainers of any kind.
  • Excessive make-up is not considered suitable for school.  NO JEWELLERY IS PERMITTED EXCEPT FOR A SINGLE WRISTWATCH. 
  • Extreme hairstyles, and hair shaved shorter than Grade Number 2 and/or with lines or logos, are not acceptable.

Details about ordering and collecting School Dress will be sent to junior schools in the Spring Term.  A more precise interpretation of the school dress code is given to new students before arrival at the school.

PE Kit

Students are required to wear appropriate PE kit and the following items are compulsory unless stated otherwise for participation in PE activities at Meadowhead School:

  • Emerald Green/Black Meadowhead Rugby Shirt or Fleece
  • Plain Black Meadowhead Shorts  
  • Black Football Socks
  • Green Meadowhead T-shirt/Sports Polo Shirt 
  • Trainers (outdoor trainers plus indoor trainers with non-marking soles)
  • Meadowhead Track-Suit Bottoms (optional)
  • Shin Pads and Gum Shields (recommended)
  • Studded Boots (recommended for football and rugby)