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Zoom 16-18 Travel Pass

With the Zoom 16 - 18 you can: 

  • Travel for £1 on a bus or tram anytime, anywhere in South Yorkshire.
  • 50% off local Northern train fares for travel anytime, anywhere within South Yorkshire. This applies to Anytime Day Single / Return or Off-Peak Day Single / Return fares 
  • Load discounted tickets for young people on to your pass
  • Valid for up to 2 years depending when you turn 18. 
  • Free of charge (first issue)

To apply the applicant will need identity document and a photo:

Follow these guidelines before submitting your application. 

  • The name of the pass application/account name must match the name on the proof documents
  • You must provide full address details – including house number/name, street, postcode
  • Your photo must meet the guidelines set out on the website
  • You must provide your date of birth

Proof documents and details

Proof of identity documents we accept for all passes (see additional guidance for Disabled and Disabled + Carer further down this page):

  • Birth certificate – scanned copy or photo of the certificate uploaded
  • Passport identifier – the 28 characters on the bottom line of your passport e.g. 1041211587GBR0205169F1604120
  • Driving licence number
  • NHS Medical Card  - scanned copy or photo of the card uploaded
  • NHS Medical Prescriptions - scanned copy or photo of the prescription uploaded
  • Any other official letter that states your date of birth

Unfortunately Travel South Yorkshire can't accept a letter confirming your National Insurance number as proof of identity, as it doesn't state your date of birth.

For parents/guardians applying for a pass on behalf of your child (Zoom Under 16 and Zoom 16-18 Travel Passes) then you must create a MyTSY account in the name of the child with a separate email address (not your own email address if it has already been used on your own MyTSY account)
Do not send the original documents if applying by post – a photocopy is all we need.  All documents (originals and copies) are destroyed once the pass is ordered.