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Young Carers

At Meadowhead, we work closely with Sheffield Young Carers, a charity led service who support and look after young carers in Sheffield. Currently, there are around 7000 Young Carers in Sheffield alone. Statistics show that 1 in 12 children and young people are young carers (BBC, Nov 2010), meaning that roughly 20 students in each year group at Meadowhead are classed as Young Carers.  However, not every student who is a Young Carer will have been identified due to them not realising that they are taking on daily tasks and responsibilities that makes them Young Carers.

Supporting the Young Carers at Meadowhead is something we are incredibly passionate about. Young Carer assessments regarding children’s responsibilities at home take place in Year 7, and are then used to assess who is a Young Carer and whether they require extra support at school. When we discover who is a Young Carer, Miss Jones arranges to meet with them to discuss what actions need to take place in order to make school life more manageable for them. If the student needs external support, they may be referred to Sheffield Young Carers, MAST, or other outside agencies that may be able to provide help for both the student and their family.

Our key message to anyone who is Young Carer is that they are doing an amazing job and it’s something to be very proud of. However, we want to make sure that these students are still getting the support and advice they need so they do not feel alone.

If you want further information on Sheffield Young Carers, please click the link below. If you know someone at Meadowhead that may be a Young Carer, please get in contact with Miss Jones.