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Meadowhead School

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Year 11 Exam Information/Expectations

Morning Examinations

  •  All students are expected to be on site by 8:25am and in registration for 8:30am.
  •  Each morning examination is preceded by a 25-minute warm up/examination preparation session which starts at 8:35am and finishes at 9:00am.
  • The warm up sessions are very important and will help students settle and be in the right frame of mind for their examinations.
  • Students then make their way to their examination room, with the morning examinations beginning at 9:15am.

Afternoon Examinations

  • Each afternoon examination is preceded by a 1-hour warm up/examination preparation and relaxation session which takes place during period 3 (11:15am to 12:15pm).
  • Lunch is at the usual time between 12:15pm and 12:45pm.
  • Students then make their way to their examination room, with the afternoon examinations beginning at 1:00pm.
  • Students will be allowed to leave school once their afternoon examinations have been completed.
  • Some students may be sitting afternoon examinations that last for more than 2 hours. This should be taken into consideration when planning after school arrangements.

Mobile phones 

It is extremely important that students do not enter an examination room with a switched-on mobile phone on their person or in their bags. In accordance with the national rules around examinations, if a mobile phone is heard or seen during an examination, this will lead to a candidate being barred from future examinations and their results being void. Our advice around mobile phones continues to be that students do not bring them to school.

Examination Study Leave

Your child may inform you that they only need to be at school when they have an examination.  This is not the case. All students should be in school, in full school uniform, until their last examination.

We wish all Year 11s the very best. We are here to support them and to ensure that they are fully prepared for their examinations. We wish them all good luck and encourage them to keep working hard.