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Y10 Assessment

The timetable for Year 10 Assessment Week 1 is published below, to support you and your child in preparing for these assessments.  















Mon 13th November

X Biology

Y Biology



Option S (Hum/ Lang)

Tue 14th November







Option T (Hum/ Lang)

Wed 15th November


X Physics

Y Physics

Option P (Hum/ Lang)


Thu 16th November

X English

Y English




Fri 17th November

X Maths

Y Maths



Option Q (Hum/ Lang)


English, Maths and Science assessments are completed during a lesson in the respective subjects. For example, students in the X band for English who have an English lesson Thursday period 1, your assessment takes place then.

For those in the Y band for English, you will have your assessment Thursday period 2.

Core Courses

Assessment Week Task



Section B of English Literature Paper 2 – Power and Conflict

Poetry. 45 minutes to write one comparative essay (given poem compared with one of student’s choice from the anthology).

30 marks available. All students will complete the same paper.


For both tiers it is a 50 minute calculator allowed paper.

All questions are taken from past exam papers and will cover content from Year 10 and Year 9.


Science Combined




There will be 3 Science assessments in class of 40 mins each. There will be a higher tier or a foundation tier depending on the class you are in.

Assessments will recall knowledge from units B1 (cells and transport), C1 (atomic structure and the periodic table) and P1 (energy) that were studied in Y9.

Assessments will also test on units that have just been

completed in Y10 which are B3a (communicable diseases), C3 (chemical calculations) and P3 (particle model of matter).

The EBacc courses listed below will be assessed during a lesson when you would normally have a lesson in that subject, in line with the timetable overleaf.

For example, if you study French in block P, your French exam is Wednesday.

EBacc Courses

Assessment Week Task



Foundation Writing paper (worth 50 marks)

Questions taken from all Y9 and Y10 topics covered so far Q1: Photo card description [8] Q2: 40-word essay [16]

Q3: Translation [10] Q4: 90-word essay [16]




1 paper 30 minutes. 1 section – Economic World.

The assessment will consist of a combination of short answer, skills based questions (including OS map skills, generic map skills, statistical and graph skills) and 4, 6 & 9 mark knowledge and understanding questions.

Questions used will be from bank of AQA exam questions.


Foundation Writing Paper (worth 50 marks)

Q1: Photo card description [8] Q2: 40-word essay [16] Q3: Translation [10] Q4: 90-word essay [16]



Medicine Through Time - Medieval and Renaissance medicine 20 knowledge retrieval questions

16 mark (+ 4 SPAG) exam question


Foundation Paper (worth 50 marks)

Q1: Photo card description [8] Q2: 40-word essay [16] Q3: Translation [10] Q4: 90-word essay [16]

Religious Studies

There will be a 50-minute paper focusing on the Christian beliefs we have covered, and the topics included in the Religion and Life Theme.