The “jump” between GCSE and A Level is considerable but our students are helped into the Sixth Form through a dedicated programme. We hold a two day transition event in early July in order to support students who are beginning studies at this level.

 As part of this, students attend their first sessions in each of their subjects, meet their new tutor, learn about the additional freedoms and responsibilities of being in Sixth Form and learn about our enrichment programme.

A customary rounders match (weather permitting) and a visit to the ice cream van finishes the day.

Following transition, all students are expected to complete a summer work to demonstrate their commitment to the subjects they have chosen. Work should be brought along to their first lesson.

Transition Days 2019 will be: Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July 2019

All the transition tasks for each subject are below.

  1. Art Textiles Nature Reclaims images
  2. Art Textiles
  3. Art, Craft and Design
  4. Biology
  5. BUSINESS-2019
  6. Chemistry
  7. Computing
  8. English Language
  9. English Literature
  10. French
  11. Geography
  12. German Task 1 - Language Learning Log
  13. German Task 2 - Länder Research
  14. German Task 3 - Film Study
  15. Health and Social Care
  16. History
  17. ICT
  18. Maths Transition Booklet
  19. Music
  20. Performing Arts
  21. Philosophy
  22. Physics
  24. Psychology
  25. Science BTEC
  27. Spanish
  28. Spanish Films & Series on Netflix ANP 2019
  29. Spanish SUMMER Learning Log
  30. Spanish Task 2 - Comunidades research
  31. Spanish Task 3-present tense
  32. Sport BTEC Level 3 Task 2 Notational SWOT
  33. Sport Performance Profiling Pro Athlete
  34. Sport Performance Profiling Self Analysis