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Summer STEAM 2019

ERASMUS STEAM ambassador exchange to Koblenz

 Koblenz exchange

Our second group of 10 STEAM ambassadors enjoyed meeting their exchange partners in June for our 9 day exchange visit focussing on Science and Maths, since our German partner teach those subjects in English as well as the German language. Students took part in a variety of school and University STEM based workshops and activities, including chemistry to make bath bombs, glues and soaps – the latter using the special silicone moulds our team had designed and produced in our Art dept. workshop the week before departure. They also learnt how to program Lego mindstorm robots, used their Maths in the Knot Theory session, and learnt about code cracking in the cryptology workshop.

 Cologne aerospace centre    Cologne aerospace centre

 Cologne aerospace centre

The highlight of the visit was undoubtedly the visit to the National Aerospace Centre in Cologne. Spanish, German and English ambassadors worked in teams at the Schools lab, exploring topics such as aerodynamics, gravity, infrared light and biomechanics.

 Koblenz exchange visit

  Koblenz exchange visit

  Koblenz exchange visit

"The ERASMUS STEAM project has really enriched Gabe's experience at Meadowhead. The range of activities and opportunities for the ambassadors, and the level of commitment from the staff have been fantastic. We feel really privileged that he's been involved!" (Mrs Tatton)

“I can't express enough what a fantastic opportunity this has been for Charlie. He was very fortunate to visit Germany, engaged with German students, stay with a welcoming German family and engage in STEAM related visits over there which he would never, ever get to do under normal circumstances." (Mrs Mahon)

“It was a great break from school - very enriching and beneficial!” (Sarah Abdelmaksoud Y10)

‘We got to meet people from different countries which was very exciting”  (Eleanor Y10)

“It was a fabulous experience providing me with a chance to meet employers and new friends alike” (Charlie Y10)

“I have learned a lot over the past week through the workshops and activities, and I have met some amazing people. It has been a wonderful experience!” (Gabe Y10)

“Everything was really fun. I have made news friends and cannot wait for them to come back to Sheffield!” (Sophie Oakley)

  Koblenz exchange visit

Full STEAM ahead - at the races

Meadowhead ERASMUS STEAM ambassadors had a fabulous time at a trip to the Doncaster racecourse ground at the end of April 2019 and they were privileged to be shown around behind the scenes by staff at the racecourse.

 a day at the races

The day began with the ambassadors taking part in a variety of activities both inside and outside on the racecourse track, these included; using their measuring and maths skills in the parade ring where they had to calculate how many horses could safely parade at any one time, in the weighing room students drew on numeracy skills as they explored the effect of weight on performance, and on the track the focus switched to race distances.

 (Click here to read the full article and see more pictures)


Games Brtiannia Festival

In June, some of our ambassadors visited Sheffield Hallam University’s annual Games Britannia festival, exploring interactive workshops on Concept Art, PS4 Programming, and other gaming technology and associated career pathways.

 Games Britannia festival   Games Britannia festival

  Games Britannia festival

Looking ahead

After a very busy term of hard work and fun with our various Erasmus workshops, visits and activities, our ambassadors are now looking forward to putting their ambassadorial skills into practice in the Autumn to enlighten younger students about the merits of following STEAM subjects and ultimately careers in related sectors. They will also look forward to welcoming their partners from Spain and Germany for the final visit towards the end of 2020 when they have completed their GCSE examinations.


"From the moment he got to hear about the Erasmus project during a parents evening he was inspired and so eager to be a part of it. I think this project has help guide and support Charlie through school and kept his interest In STEAM related subjects . Putting Koblenz aside Charlie has been on umpteen visits and trips via Erasmus where he has had the chance to get a feel for the working world and career paths on offer." Mrs Mahon

"I wanted to thank you and the team who have made the Erasmus STEAM programme such a success.  Katie has benefited hugely from her involvement in the programme. It has opened up opportunites that span beyond the normal school curriculum and have provided experience of the wider world and a range of work environments.  Katie has developed strong friendships with other Meadowhead students on the programme as well as the German and Spanish students involved in the exchange trips. These friendships as well as creative skills have been developed further during the informal social meetings and skills sessions that have been held after school.

Thank you for all the time you and the team at Meadowhead have given to allow all this to happen."  Mrs Anderson

Special thanks from Mrs Silverwood to the staff team for their committment to the project this year: Ms Renwick, Ms Bellingham, Mr O'Brien, Mrs Ali and Mrs C Evans.