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Summer Reading Challenge KS3

This summer we have 3 challenges for our KS3 students: Bronze, Silver and Gold!  We would love our Y6s (soon to be Y7 in September) to join in too -  have a go at one, two or all 3.  

For each one, email your entry to by 4th September (the end of the first week back).  Y6s - you can email in too, remembering to add your name and Y7 form, or bring it in during the first week of term.
R1s for all entries and an R2 if you complete all three challenges, plus a voucher for our favourites.

We have also created two reading lists for you - one of e-books that you can find on our  e-book platform and the other recommended titles by genre  (open them at the bottom of the page).

BRONZE—Read a book—anywhere, anytime, any type

Get someone to take a picture of you reading it (or a selfie). If you would rather, then take a photo of the cover and describe the story in 3 words eg  ‘Scary…  Creepy …. Ghosts’  



SILVER— Reading Memories

We want everyone to enjoy reading and one way to do that is to talk about it together with someone. So for this challenge, ask a
family member or friend about a time they enjoyed reading—where were they/what made it special/when was it  -  and can they
remember the book? 

Then add your positive reading memory.  We have a couple of  examples below:

reading memories



GOLD—Food in Fiction

Descriptions of food often pop up in stories —remember that chocolate cake which Bruce Bogtrotter ate in ‘Matilda’? 

We don’t always expect food in our stories, but if it comes up as you read, take a picture of the page and circle it so we can clearly read it (or write it out on paper). Don’t forget to tell us the title and author of the book.

Get creative too— make a poster out of it, or recreate one of the dishes (don’t forget to send us a photo if you do)!


food in fiction

From the Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri. 
Nuri is visiting his friend Mustafa and his family in their home in Syria.