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Student Voice

We believe that the best form of education emerges from a partnership between teachers, students and their families.

To support this, students become members of a students’ union once they enrol at Meadowhead Sixth Form. The students’ union represents the views of its members to the school. In October, students elect the student president and vice-presidents who meet with the Sixth Form team each Thursday morning. They also work together on shared projects and events. Each tutor group also has at least one representative who meet with members of the Sixth Form team each half-term to discuss concerns and issues.

Elections are held for these positions each October. 


Sixth Form Presidents Committee 2023-24

This year's Student Presidents Committee met for the first time with Mr Gardiner, Mr O’Brien, Mr Beigel and Miss Cookson on Thursday 9th November.  This year's President is Eve and the Deputy is Sam. There are also 10 members with specific roles (Lisa – Y12 Officer, Max - Y12 Officer, Rudi – Y13 Officer, Eva – Mental Health, Alice – Women, Grace – SEND, Charlotte – Wellbeing, Ioana – Fundraising, Elle – Enrichment, Ellie – STEM).

Priorities for the year were discussed, including fundraising, mental health, best use of the Sixth Form space and upcoming social events. It was a fantastic first meeting, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Presidents’ Committee to further improve student experience in the Sixth Form.

sixth form presidents committee