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Meadowhead School

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Our Sanctions Structure

As a school we always seek to reinforce and reward positive effort, attitude and behaviour.  At Meadowhead these attributes are consistently demonstrated by the vast majority of students.  However, if a student misbehaves or fails to produce satisfactory work in relation to their ability, various sanctions called Consequences (C) will be used.

Disruptive behaviour in the classroom is dealt with as follows:

Stage 1

Verbal warning

Student told explicitly the reason for the warning and given time to correct their behaviour. The first warning should not be given as a blanket warning to the whole class.

Stage 2

Second verbal warning

Name on board and C1 issued (recorded on ClassCharts at end of lesson)

Stage 3

Final verbal warning

Name on board and ticked. C2 issued (recorded on ClassCharts at end of lesson). Hold a same day Restorative Conversation (RC) after school with student. Non-attendance= Teacher sets a 30 minute next day C3 detention (recorded on ClassCharts)

Stage 4

Removal from classroom (on call) to faculty behaviour room

C3 issued by class teacher and recorded on ClassCharts at end of lesson (30 minute next day detention). C3 reflection sheet completed by student. 

Stage 5

Refusal to attend faculty behaviour room or removal from faculty behaviour room.

Student taken to the re-set room (SLT/HOY)

Stage 6
Any student with 3 referrals to the re-set room in one week with spend a full day in the ISR.


C1s are given to any student who arrives late to a lesson after registers have been taken. Any 3 ‘lates’ to school will result in a next day C3 detention. Each day pupils will have a uniform and equipment check carried out by their morning tutor. Any missing items of uniform or equipment will result in a C1. Being sent out for extreme behaviour results in an automatic C3 detention. C3 detentions can be given for other breaches of school rules such as:

  • Smoking/vaping
  • Swearing
  • Chewing
  • Defiance
  • Persistent lateness
  • Out of bounds
  • Truancy
  • Refusal to remove hats, coats, hoodies
  • Damaging school property*

*parents may be charged for any damage caused to school property

Parents will be notified of a C3 detention by either a text or email (depending on contact details shared with the school by parents/carers).  Parental consent is not required for detentions but the information is always shared.

(C3) Detentions

These will be held every evening on year corridors. C3 detention starts at 2:45pm and ends at 3:15pm.

Students will work, in silence, for the duration of their detention and complete a ‘reflections’ sheet.

Any student who fails to attend C3 without a valid reason will be placed in the internal suspension room (ISR) for the next school day and will sit the missed C3 detention after school that evening.

Any student who refuses to enter the ISR or who misbehaves in the ISR may receive a suspension from school.

(C4) Internal Suspension Room

The internal exclusion room (ISR) is fully equipped with appropriate work for all subjects across the Key Stages. Students in the ISR will not be permitted to take part in breaks or lunchtimes with their peers. Examples of behaviour which could lead to internal suspension (in addition to those described above):

  • threatening behaviour
  • truancy from lessons
  • bullying
  • repeated disruption to the learning process
  • behaviour deemed to undermine the good order of the school
  • smoking/vaping or being in the company of smokers
  • vandalism
  • swearing 
  • rudeness to staff
  • fighting
  • deliberate disobedience
  • non-compliance with school uniform requirements
  • failure to attend a C3
  • leaving site without permission