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Students should always be commended for good behaviour. At Meadowhead School Academy Trust we believe that students learn by praise, reward and celebration of achievement.

The list below illustrates some of the various rewards that are commonly used in school:

1. Verbal and non-verbal praise by staff.
2. Positive comments in books.
3. Positive e-mails, postcards and phone calls home from staff.
4. Public recognition of achievement: assemblies, newsletters, annual and termly Celebration Assemblies.
5. Group achievement recognition: rewards and trophies based on sporting and other competitions.
6. Attendance awards on a weekly and termly basis, including tutor group sweets, individual cookie vouchers and termly skating and adventure vouchers from Sheffield International venues (SIV).
7. Individual effort/achievement recognised by faculties and year teams.
8. Form tutor awards.
9. Head of Year awards.
10. R1, R2 and R3 awards.
11. Diamond awards.

Diamond Awards

One of our key aims as a school is to formally recognise effort and achievement in a fair and consistent way across all year groups. We believe that to do this we need to recognise all of the successes that students have in a holistic way, using simple systems that are clear and robust.

The aim is to reward students in lessons, around the school and at home on a frequent basis to foster an atmosphere of success.

The smallest denomination of award in this system is the R1 and the highest is the R4. Rewards are recorded on ClassCharts. The table below indicates how these awards may be achieved and what happens when they are awarded.

Reward Points Examples Of How you Might Achieve It Where And When What
R1 1 Using the correct subject vocabulary, making an excellent contribution in lesson, completing extension tasks, producing great homework or home learning In every lesson including Reading or Study Time A positive referral
R2 2 Sustaining high standards over a period of time in any aspect of school life. Producing an exceptional piece of work or homework In any subject over a period of time such as during a topic or unit A positive referral detailing the reason for your success
R3 3 Achieving an ‘Outstanding Report or Review’. Showing excellence in effort or achievement in any aspect of school life including achieving
100% attendance with no late marks over a term
Your subject teachers, Form Tutor, Pastoral Manager or Head of Year can nominate you for this reward by writing to the Headteacher A positive referral
and a Headteacher’s letter of commendation
R4 4 For an outstanding achievement in or outside of school such as fund raising, charity work, sporting achievements or contributing to your community.
100% attendance throughout the year
Your family could inform the school, or you could bring in your certificate or trophy! A positive referral
and a Governor’s letter of commendation

Each award has a point(s) value that allows students to work towards the prestigious Diamond Award.

For a student to attain the Diamond Award they will have had to work consistently hard over a significant period of their time at Meadowhead School and will have made a real contribution and impact to their community. We acknowledge their achievement by proudly displaying their names on our honours board. The board sits at the very heart of the school building, in the Rosling and is a permanent reminder of the success that any student who manages to achieve the Diamond Award has had.

Students who achieve 500 reward points over their time at the school receive a Diamond Award. Students who reach the milestone of 1000 reward points receive a Double Diamond Award. These awards are presented by the Headteacher in a special ceremony held in school.

Each year group holds a celebration event at the end of each half term where many students’ contributions will be acknowledged. We have particular prizes and awards that recognise attendance, good behaviour and effort in school.

We also mark landmarks in students' educational journey with us:

  • an end of Key Stage 4 Record of Achievement Assembly;
  • the prestigious GCSE Awards Evening that takes place each year in November.

At all of these events, students will be nominated for prizes and awards across effort, attainment, progress and service to the school.

Sixth form students receive relevant rewards which help them to become successful in University applications and beyond. They earn their own rewards by engaging in a full and extensive enrichment programme. This is a ground breaking system that the school has created that aims to give all students a substantial opportunity for enrichment activities.