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Students should always be commended for good behaviour. At Meadowhead School Academy Trust we believe that students learn by praise, reward and celebration of achievement.
(please note: this is currently being updated and is here 'under review' - July 2019)

The list below illustrates the various rewards that are given out in school:

  1. Verbal and non-verbal praise by staff.
  2. Stamps and comments in books and planners.
  3. Positive letters home / Postcards.
  4. Comments on SIMS
  5. Public recognition of achievement: assemblies, newsletters, annual and termly Celebration Assemblies.
  6. Group achievement recognition: rewards and trophies based on attendance and punctuality, sporting and other competitions.
  7. Individual effort / achievement recognised by Phoenix Awards.
  8. Learning Manager Awards
  9. Head of Year Awards.

Phoenix Awards

One of our key values as a school is to ‘Engage and Inspire All’ and we believe that to do this we need to recognise all of the successes that students have, using systems that enable us to reward the contributions of all.

We have branded our positive support acknowledgments structures as the ‘Phoenix Awards’.

The aim is to reward students in lessons and around the school on a frequent basis to foster an atmosphere of success.

The smallest denomination of award in the Phoenix system is valued as ‘silver’.

The silver award is often issued to students for one off contributions, such as a particularly good piece of work or an involvement in an activity supported by the school.

Silver awards are recorded by teachers, support staff and students and build up to form higher currency recognitions.  

The recording system works as follows:

10 ‘Silver’ awards equates to  1 ‘Gold’ award
10 ‘Gold’ awards  equates to   1 ‘Platinum’ award
Pupils are awarded a Phoenix badge once they achieve 50 Golds
And 10 ‘Platinum’ awards equates to   1 ‘Diamond’ award.

these are recorded on SIMS and are available for parents/carers to view on the Parental Portal. 

In the older year groups rewards are linked to "competencies" which have been developed with business partners.  The competencies help students recognise the skills they need in order to be successful in our sixth form and in the work place. 

The competencies can be awarded in the following areas:

  • Attitude and Determination
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Independence and Initiative
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Planning, Preparation and Organisation
  • Reliability and Responsibility.

To enable competencies to be part of the overall Phoenix awards structure we have given each competency a value that equates to one ‘gold’ award.  Students combine their lower school ‘gold’ awards and ‘competencies’ to achieve the higher platinum and diamond awards in the hope that they can reach the prestigious ‘diamond’ award.

For the students to attain the ‘diamond’ award they will have had to work consistently hard over a significant period of their time at Meadowhead School Academy Trust and will have made a real contribution and impact to their community.  We acknowledge their achievement by proudly displaying their names on our honours board.  The board sits at the very heart of the school building, in the Rosling and is a permanent reminder of the success that any student who manages to achieve the ‘diamond’ award has had.

Each year group holds a celebration event at the end of each term where many students’ contributions will be acknowledged. We have particular prizes and awards that recognise attendance, good behaviour and effort in school.

We also mark landmarks in students' educational journey with us:

  • a lower school Record of Achievement event;
  • an end of Key Stage 4 Record of Achievement Assembly;
  • the prestigious GCSE Awards Evening that takes place each year in November and is held at the University of Sheffield’s Octagon Centre.

At all three events, students will be nominated for prizes and awards across effort, attainment, progress and service to the school.

Sixth form students receive relevant rewards which help them to become successful in University applications and beyond.  They earn their own rewards by engaging in a full and extensive enrichment programme. This is a ground breaking system that the school has created that aims to give all students a substantial opportunity for enrichment activities.