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Resources for Ukrainian New Arrivals

Support for families (Ukraine)

Please click on the blue links below to open up the information (pdf document)

At Home Booklet for Parents

English      Russian       Ukrainian 

Guide - Primary English Educational System

English      Russian       Ukrainian 


Top Tips - for keeping your home language alive.


Guide - Secondary English Educational System

English      Russian       Ukrainian 

Trauma Advice for Parents

English      Russian       Ukrainian 

Helping your child learn - guidance

English      Russian       Ukrainian 

Support for learners (Ukraine)

Please click on the blue links below (coming soon!) to open up the information (pdf document)

Communication Fans (pupils)

Russian       Ukrainian 

Communication Fans (teacher)

Russian       Ukrainian 

Communication Mats (pupils)

Russian       Ukrainian 


Ukrainian Wordlists - Oxford University Press

Ukraine speaking bank b1

Ukraine speaking bank b2

Ukraine wordlist 1

Ukraine wordlist 2

Word Mats

Geography word mat - Russian

Geography word mat - Ukrainian

General Welcome to our school

General welcome - English

Welcome to our schools - Ukrainian


Vocabulary Book - Words to use in school



Below we have some links to books in Ukrainian & Russian/Dual Language to support Sheffield EAL/New Arrivals.


Mantra Lingua – Dual Language Books & Dictionary



Global Story Books – Ukraine

Global Storybooks Portal | Literacy for all

Оповідання для України (


BookTrust / Bookstart

World Stories - Russian 

world of stories