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Resources for Students

Sources of Support 

•Share how you are feeling with your friends and family. It is usually the case that a problem shared with people you trust is a little easier to manage.
Your tutor will normally be the member of staff at Meadowhead who knows you best. If you want advice or support about a particular topic, you could book in a time to see them.
•Use reputable sources if you are looking for advice on a particular topic for yourself. The websites in the green boxes are ones we would recommend. Always be a little bit critical of any information you read – does the website or source have any potential bias or hidden agenda?
Worried about your future plans? Any student or family can email the careers team to book an appointment using or going to the Careers office next to the library.
Concerned about your health? You or your family can arrange to see your doctor. You can also talk to a trained professional in any pharmacy.
Feeling unsafe or think a friend is? Contact your pastoral manager as soon as possible. If you are worried about anybody being at serious risk of harm OR you feel that you are at risk of being harmed or have been harmed, please speak to a member of the Safeguarding Team or your Pastoral Manager.


Below we have gathered some resources which have been created and made available from mental health charities and the NHS. If you would like any of these resources printing please let your key worker or year team know so we can get these out to you.

Click on each thumbnail to open the document or download from the foot of the page.

Action for Happiness Calendar - find a new calendar each month with daily actions to try.

Action for Happiness Calendar

You can find other language versions on their website too.


8 ways to cope with change  


top tips for feeling good

 Top tips for feeling good


worried about going to school

Worried about going
to school 


reasons why breakfast is important

Reasons why breakfast
is important 

how to manage stress

How to manage and reduce stress 

Kooth - online mental wellbeing community for free, safe and anonymous support to young people 7 days a week 

Kooth support


Benefits of a good

night's sleep


mindful colouring

Mindful Colouring - a simple &
fun way to reduce the stress
in your life 

Useful Websites

Kooth - mental wellbeing community

Young Minds Young People’s Mental Health

Door 43 wellbeing support in Sheffield -

Childlinenational support line and range of advice -

Frank – drugs  and substances

Golddigger Trust –

Happy Maps -

SayITLGBTQ+ Support Sheffield