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Meadowhead School

Meadowhead SchoolAcademy Trust

Planning, Reflection and Resilience

We want our students to be able to be resilient and learn from challenges and their experience; using these to look ahead to the future.

Core Activities

Year Seven

Pen Portrait (Form Time)

Design Project – Clock (DT)

Assessment Weeks (Core Subjects)

Feedback and evaluation

(Drama – all units)

Welcome and Coping


Scratch Game Development (ICT & Computing)


Year Eight

Pen Portrait (Form Time)

Design Project – Box (DT)

Ceramic Monster Project (Art)

Assessment Weeks (Core Subjects)

Feedback and evaluation  (Drama – all units)


Year Nine

Pen Portrait (Form Time)

Digital Design

(ICT & Computing)

Design Project – Thermometer/Clock (DT)

Assessment Weeks (Core Subjects)

Feedback and evaluation (Drama – all units)


How else does the school support students improve their skills of planning, reflection and resilience?

PRIDE or improvement time is an essential part of our education at Meadowhead and is embedded in all subjects. During this activity, teachers ask students to act on feedback they have received. This helps students become comfortable with receiving feedback.  Regular low-stakes quizzing in most subjects helps students identify what they do not yet know securely and teachers help students learn the most effective strategies to retain the knowledge. In the build up to assessment weeks or trial exams, revision skills becomes a focus of pastoral time too. Students can also build on what they have learned about planning and evaluation in the project-based units in our curriculum by choosing to enter the Big Challenge completion where they manage a business independently in a small team.