OFSTED Report October 2014 - Message from Mr Fowler

 Mr Fowler

As you may be aware, we had our OFSTED inspection on 7th/8th October 2014. I am pleased to inform you that the OFSTED report has now been released for publication.  Please click here to read the full report.

As you will read, OFSTED judges Meadowhead to be a good school with many "very good" and  "outstanding"  strengths across the full range of measures including: 

leadership and management at all levels, pupil achievement, teaching, the quality of the curriculum, pupil behaviour and safeguarding



I am particularly proud that the report recognises many of what I believe to be the true qualities of Meadowhead School, including:

  • A culture of integrity, ambition and high expectations”
  • “A very positive ethos and learning environment.” 
  • “Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength”. 
  • “Students enjoy coming to school.  They feel very safe in an exceptionally caring and supportive environment.”

The report also highlights the real success of our new Sixth Form, reflecting the excellent experience available to students in our ground- breaking development. To quote, “The sixth form already makes a strong contribution to provision and to the school’s ethos.  Strong teaching means that students achieve well.”

As I am sure you know we are always ambitious for continual improvement for students, staff and the school as a whole.  Our current School Improvement Plan already identifies the developments needed to become truly outstanding, further improving the consistency of teaching and assessment to match the very high standards in the majority of lessons, leading to even higher achievement for all students.

Thank you to students, staff and Governors for their commitment and hard work so far this year, including during the OFSTED inspection. Our thanks as ever go to our parents for their continuing support of the school.

Steve Fowler

The OFSTED Inspection Reports for Meadowhead School are below - please click on a document to open it.  The last inspection was on 7th and 8th October 2014. 

"Staff take full account of potential risks and take extremely effective steps to keep all students safe and cared for."    OFSTED 2014

"Senior leaders and governors, led by the headteacher, have established a culture of integrity, ambition and high expectations."    OFSTED 2014

"The structure of the curriculum is strongly matched to the needs of students and so benefits their achievement and personal development. Students have excellent experiences at school and are very well prepared for their next phase in education, training or employment."     OFSTED 2014

"Leadership at all levels is highly ambitious for all students, and leaders are successfully committed to the school’s clear vision and continued improvement."  


  1. Meadowhead School - OFSTED Report October 2014
  2. Meadowhead School OFSTED Report March 2012
  3. Meadowhead School OFSTED Report November 2008
  4. Meadowhead School OFSTED Report September 2005