MFL at KS5

Students who gain at least a grade 6 in their GCSE Languages and show an interest in language learning are encouraged to continue studying a Language at Meadowhead at A Level.

Students need to have a strong work ethic and be prepared to learn vocabulary regularly, take part in regular speaking discussions in their language and also be willing to travel abroad to perfect their skills. All students will also have to commit to a 30 minute speaking session with the Foreign Language Assistant each week.

For full course details please see the Sixth Form area of our website:

Job opportunities for competent linguists are numerous and diverse. From website designing to interpreting and from teaching to MI6 operations, engineering, global businesses - and those with global aspirations - think very highly of foreign language speakers, and are prepared to pay for them accordingly. On average, MFL graduates earn 8% more than anyone else whilst often travelling the world.