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Meadowhead School

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All students will be expected to do homework since it encourages them to discipline themselves, to work and study alone, and to extend the work initiated in the classroom.  To help them organise themselves each student will be given a Study Planner or Homework Diary to record the work which is set.

Homework of an appropriate type and quality will be set for each child; it may be an extension or completion of class work or a completely separate exercise.  Homework can take many forms, for example reading, writing an essay, making notes, drawing maps or diagrams, solving problems, watching a particular TV programme, listening to a radio programme, or carrying out a practical assignment.

All homework is set electronically by teachers and can therefore be viewed by pupils and parents through the school’s Parent App).  Key Stage 3 students should get around 1 hour’s homework per night and Key Stage 4 students around 2 hours per night.  (These are guidelines and students will take different amounts of time to complete the homework that is set, but it is important that the work is completed to a high standard.)

Sixth Form students will be expected to spend 5 hours per subject learning independently.