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Healthy Minds

Student wellbeing is vital and we appreciate that in the current climate of uncertainty students may be feelinghealthy minds anxious about the transition to Secondary School. It is really important that together we support students to manage the transition from Y6 to Y7 at Meadowhead School.

In the last few weeks, our lives have changed a lot.  We were in school with our friends and suddenly, we were all asked to stay at home.   At the moment, there is a lot of worry around because of Covid 19.  Having some worry can be really good because it keeps us safe, but when we have lots of worry, it can make us feel bad and make it hard for us to manage our feelings. This is normal and you are not alone.   If you are feeling worried or scared, we will be providing you with some ideas and activities to keep your mind healthy.

Sheffield Children's NHS have a website with lots of resources relating to coronavirus to help and provide advice for Children and Families - we recommend you take a look:

resources for children and families

Self Help

At school we have lots of activities and clubs and interventions to help you keep a healthy mind but at the moment we cannot do any of them for you.  We have however talked in assemblies, form time and Ethics lessons about what you can do to help yourself.

1.     Regular Exercise
You should be exercising for at least 30 minutes a day which is nothing compared to all of the walking and running you do around school during a normal school day.  The exercise could be a brisk walk or if you want something more try one of the following:

•    Live PE lesson everyday:
•    Couch to 5k:
•    Dancing:
•    Yoga:

2.     Social Interaction
Make sure you stay in contact with friends and family as talking to other people is really important for a healthy mind.  Make sure you stay safe if talking online. You could try using a video chat for a few friends together such as on WhatsApp.  Do not get into arguments with others online as your teachers cannot be there to help you resolve them.  Support each other through this difficult time.

3.     Be creative
We always feel better about ourselves if we have something to show for our day and creating something is anrainbow easy way to do this.  Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean doing a piece of art work, but anything you can make will make you feel more positive about yourself 

•    Bake a cake
•    Write a journal about your lockdown experiences
•    Create a rainbow to go in your window
•    Do a piece of creative writing.  A stimulus could be
•     Do some junk modelling

4.     Sleep Routine
Try to stay to your normal school sleep routine.  It may be tempting to stay up late and wake up mid-afternoon but you need plenty of sunlight to stay healthy, even if it’s only through a window.  Having a healthy sleep pattern is vital for a healthy mind and will mean you make healthier choices about your diet too.

sleep guidance chart