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Meadowhead School

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Health & Social Care L2

BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care (Level 2)

Key Stage 4 (10-11)

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  Year 10 Year 11
Term 1

Component 1 – Human Lifespan Development

Explore different aspects of growth and development across the 6 different life stages. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the changes to Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development.

Component 3 – Health and wellbeing

Understanding the definition of “health” and how to improve your own and others health. To understand what factors contribute to a “healthy” lifestyle and what factors can have a negative effect. Transfer knowledge from previous topics based upon the effects of differing factors on health


Internal Assignment – Week 8

Q&A feedback within class discussions


Peer and self- assessment throughout lessons

PRIDE improvement embedded


Past exam papers

Homework set weekly
Term 2 Recap of life events and coping strategies

Component 2 LAB – Health and Social Care Services and Values

Empowering and promoting independence, respect for the individual, confidentiality, dignity, effective communication, safeguarding

Plan of role play and script writing

Assessment Internal Assignment – Week 16 Exam – Week 20
Quizzes, Q&A, Peer marking
Term 3 
Component 2 LAA – Health and Social Care Services and Values
Explore different HSC services in the local area and how they benefit individual’s needs. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care- The importance and use of each within HSC. Social Care services in the local area and how they meet the needs of services users. The different barriers that can affect access to HSC services. These to include: Physical, Sensory, Psychological, Language, Geographical, financial barriers
Filming of role plays
Evaluations of role plays
Assessment Internal Assignment – Week 29
Weekly quizzes Homework assessment tasks
Self/peer assessment
Internal Assignment Week 28
Resits – Summer