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Our Journey to Excellence

The Next Steps for 2022

Governors are required to review their strategic plans for the school’s development every year.  This year, the pandemic continues to impact on the education of our pupils. Current high levels of cases due to the newest variant is affecting all schools in the UK, with preparing contingency plans and crisis management becoming leadership priorities, affecting longer term goals. Despite these real challenges, we are proud that Meadowhead continues to focus on our highest priorities, outlined in the themes below.

Values, Vision and Strategic Direction

This is our vision of excellence as a school. Most of these six themes are already in the process of being met. We expect to be designated as a ‘good’ school at our next inspection and to be well on the way to outstanding.

Theme 1 – A Safe School Theme 2 –  Teaching

Students feel safe in school. They and their parents trust staff to keep them safe and healthy. They understand why existing codes of conduct have been adapted to the current pandemic and willingly adhere to them. Staff model our high standards of behaviour and work hard to build positive relationships with all students. 

Staff and students work together to create a purposeful and positive working environment characterised by respect for each other.

Students feel safe in school and trust staff to take care of them.They are confident to challenge discriminatory attitudes in others and as a result, bullying is rare and dealt with effectively.

Follow the links:  A Safe SchoolBehaviour Policy, Bullying policy

Theme 3 - A High-Quality Curriculum Theme 4 - Learning

The curriculum is carefully designed to give all students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.  There is scope for adjustments to be made to support students who have struggled during school closure but the emphasis will remain on providing the breadth and balance of the existing curriculum. There is also a range of additional enrichment opportunities available to all students.

We consistently support our students into developing as active learners, confident and growing in independence, who aspire to high standards and achievement in all spheres of their lives. These critical times have underlined the importance of this aim and also highlighted the importance of helping our students develop the values of fairness, caring and acting responsibly. Our aim is that our students are ambitious to make a difference to their world.

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Theme 5 - Parental Support Theme 6 - Outcomes and Destinations

Our parents/carers respect and uphold the school’s values and high expectations for their children, working in harmony with the school and giving us helpful feedback.  They know how to actively support their children’s learning and development and encourage their children’s participation in the many opportunities available to them.

All students achieve extremely well in high quality national qualifications. They leave us at 16 or 18 fully prepared for their next stage and go on to appropriate employment, apprenticeships, colleges and universities.

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Our Immediate Plans for 2021-22

1. Above all, our students must feel safe with us; their parents/carers must trust us to keep their children safe.  Our staff have kept in touch with students and their families throughout lockdown so we know that they have experienced abnormal levels of stress and anxiety and sometimes grief.  Students’ wellbeing needs will be addressed as a priority, using both existing and new skills and techniques available from the start of term.  We will encourage our students to develop resilience and motivation to engage fully with our teachers in the learning process.

(links to Theme 1)

2. For learning is our prime mission. Students have coped to varying degrees with the home learning programmes we have provided.  However, research shows that most children learn better in the company of their friends and peers. We will continue to provide the same breadth of curriculum that we had planned, although in slightly different ways. We have the professional skills to support students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and love of learning that will enable them to live full and fulfilling lives.

(links to Themes 2 & 3)

3. Finally, the current crisis has demonstrated how much the healthy functioning of society relies on altruism, empathy and co-operation. These are also values strongly promoted at Meadowhead and we aim to help our students to develop a framework of values which will enable them to become people who make good choices for their own well-being in the context of concern for the good of society and the ecosystem. Our ambition as a school is that each one of our students should gain the confidence from their learning and their own framework of values to believe they can make a difference in shaping a better future for themselves, for society and  the global environment.  

We’re well on our way!

Although there has undoubtedly been some delay to the programme we had planned, we’ve also learnt a great deal from these unusual times and can celebrate many gains!

  • We’ve used our school layout and the best knowledge available to create an environment safe for learning.
  • We’ve enhanced our skills and capacity to support our students’ wellbeing.
  • We’ve retained our full curriculum and learnt some new and creative teaching skills.
  • We’ve received great support from our community.  Parents and carers have given us valuable feedback which has enabled us to improve the opportunities and support available to our students.
  • Led by our excellent head, we have strong leadership throughout the staff and student body.
  • Our students have achieved their best ever outcomes and destinations.