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Meadowhead School

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Governors' Vision

(You can download a copy of the Governors' Vision at the foot of this page) 

Meadowhead school

Our Journey to Excellence

A message from the governors in September 2019

Our aspiration is for Meadowhead Academy to be an excellent school where all our students love to learn, do great work, achieve well and take care of themselves, others in our community, the wider society and the environment.

In 2018, Ofsted

confirmed our view that our school, Meadowhead Academy, though good in a great many respects, needed improvement in others.

Since then, the headteacher and her leadership team have introduced a number of changes setting us on the path to becoming the excellent school our community deserves.

However, there is always more to do and the six themes set out below show the direction

of travel the school is taking and describes our vision for how the school will look when we are a world class excellent school, with a ‘GOOD’ from Ofsted on the way.

We will be excellent when our vision is fully and consistently realised  √

Theme 1 – A High Quality Curriculum

The curriculum is carefully designed to give all students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

It is broad and balanced, with a strong core of Ebacc* subjects, complemented by creative, expressive, active and vocational subjects that motivate students of all abilities and interests to engage and progress.

  our journey to excellence

*English Baccalaureate -

English, maths, a science, history or geography, a language.

There is an impressive range of additional enrichment opportunities available to all students.

These include clubs, events, sporting activities, visiting speakers and a wide variety of placements and visits.

Follow the link: A High Quality Curriculum



Theme 2 –  A Safe School

Staff and students work together to create a purposeful and positive working environment characterised by respect for each other.

  our journey to excellence

Students feel safe in school and trust staff to take care of them.They are confident to challenge discriminatory attitudes in others and as a result, bullying is rare and dealt with effectively.

Follow the links: A Safe School  
Behaviour Policy     Bullying Policy         Code of Conduct

Theme 3 - Teaching

High quality teaching is provided by teachers who are enthusiastic subject-specialists, continuously developing and trusted by students.

 our journey to excellence

  our journey to excellence

Teaching is consistently good or better.   Excellent subject knowledge has allowed teachers to develop well-structured courses which enable students to assimilate knowledge, gain valuable qualifications and progress to an increasingly broad understanding of the world.

Staff and senior leaders have high aspirations for all students and expect them to do well, conveying that confidence to students.  They are responsive to the needs of students from across the range of age, background and ability.  


Theme 4 - Learning

We support our students into developing as active learners, confident and growing in independence, who produce great work in school, perform well in national examinations and aspire to high standards and achievement in all spheres of their lives.

They develop personal attributes valued by Meadowhead community and the wider society and go on to experience personal fulfilment and successful lives.

  our journey to excellence

Follow the link:

High Quality Teaching & Learning in Action


Theme 5 - Parental Support

Our parents & carers trust the school to keep students safe and provide excellent learning opportunities. 

They engage, support, protect and nurture their children. They respect and uphold the school’s values and high expectations for their children, working in harmony with the school.

 Parent Support

 They are aware of how to actively support their children’s learning and development in school and encourage their children’s participation in the many formal and informal opportunities available to them.

Follow the link: Information for Parents


Theme 6 - Student Outcomes and Destinations

All students achieve extremely well in high quality national qualifications at 16, and if they stay into our excellent Sixth Form, at 18. 

With the support of our teaching staff and our award-winning careers advisor, our students are college –/ Sixth Form - or/ university - ready and go on to excellent further learning destinations.

Follow the link: Student Results

  our journey to excellence

Our Meadowhead Community Learning Trust – a group of representatives of universities, colleges, national and local employers - is immensely helpful in introducing, guiding, and supporting our students towards the world of work. 

Former Meadowhead students are to be found in every area.

Follow the link:

The Meadowhead Community Learning Trust

Alumni (Former Student Network)

We’re well on our way!

A snapshot of how we start the new school year in September 2019

  • Our high quality curriculum is in place with challenging new courses
  • We are fully staffed by enthusiastic subject-specialist teachers who are excited to work in the school
  • Our students and parents/carers support our vision and have welcomed our changes so far
  • Our vocational, GCSE and A-level results last term were our best ever!