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French Contingency Work

  • Work will be set for each class by the class teacher (or, in their absence, another member of the faculty) via ClassCharts. Please ensure you can access ClassCharts. All instructions and deadline details, along with any resources, will be assigned in this way.
  • Our intention is that each class teacher will set work on a weekly basis. If for any reason this is unavailable, please refer to the websites and resources outlined in this document.


The majority of our knowledge organisers are now on the school website for this term for Y7 and 8. Please follow the link below where you will find these knowledge organisers:

Tasks: carry out some retrieval practice using these knowledge organisers. You could try look, cover, write and check or self-quizzing as a couple of simple examples.

look, cover, write, check

  • Linguascope has some excellent games to practise this vocabulary: (Ask your teacher for the username and password).
  • Log in, click on “Beginner”, then select the French Flag


Les bases – les couleurs; les nombres; les dizaines.
Moi et ma famille – Mes animaux ; description du visage ; description physique ; les traites de personnalité ; les membres de la famille.
La vie au quotidien -  Ma journée ; les matières ; dans ma trousse ; l’heure.
Mon environnement – Les pays ; les nationalités ; les animaux sauvages.



Moi et ma famille – Les vêtements 1 ; Les vêtements 2 ; Là où j’habite.
Mon environnement – En ville ; la météo.
Les loisirs – Les sports d’intérieur ; les sports d’extérieur ; mes passe-temps ; les instruments de musique.
Le monde du travail Les métiers 1 ; les métiers 2 ; les lieux de travail.


Y9: log in, click on “Intermediate”, then select the French Flag. Work through the activities on the following sections. If possible, print out the “fiche de vocabulaire” and work through the “fiche de travail”.

Famille et amis
Les loisirs
En ville
Les sports
Où j’habite
Ma maison
Les médias

  • BBC Bitesize has some excellent resources and videos for French:
  • You can choose any of the links under “Topics” – they’re all suitable for Y7s and Y8s.
  • The “Grammar” section and the “Everyday Language” sections are also useful for Y7 and Y8.


Languages Online:

There are some great online vocabulary grammar games and self-check practices on this website. These would be useful for Y7s, Y8s and Y9s.

Select “Français”Choose the relevant section and work through exercises.

Y7: First Year Learning (Encore Tricolore)

  • Unité 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 and 8

Y8: First Year Learning (Encore Tricolore)

  • Unité 5,6,7 and 10

Y9: Second Year Learning (Encore Tricolore)

  • Les taches ménagères, les descriptions physiques,


  • ER, IR and RE verbs, the present tense, the perfect tense, Le futur proche, reflexive verbs, using negatives, adjectives



 ALL of our knowledge organisers are now on the school website here:

  • Test yourself on the vocabulary (you could use Look, Cover, Write, Check).

  • look, cover, write, check


  • Seneca Learning is an excellent resource for learn GCSE French course content. Follow the instructions that have been set for you ClassCharts. If you’re unable to do this, create your own (free) account: and search “AQA GCSE French” to get access to the right course.
  • Duolingo ( is a website and app for free language learning. Students can sign up for a free account. The app will work out ability and set improvement tasks accordingly.
  • Memrise ( a great way for students to learn essential GCSE vocabulary.
  • Quizlet ( is a good, free website to practise French vocabulary. You can access course-specific content by searching the term “AQA GCSE French”.