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Below are some questions that are frequently asked by parents/guardians of pupils who are due to join us in September and at other times of the year. Moving up to secondary school, or changing school, is a big step in you and your child's life, so we aim to make it as smooth as possible.

1. Can my child bring a mobile phone to school? Can my child bring an iPod to school?

No! Pupils put themselves at risk by bringing expensive equipment into school. We do not allow mobile phones in school, in order to protect all pupils from inappropriate use of the phone. If a pupil is seen with one, it will be confiscated. The phone can be collected from Pupil Reception by their parent/guardian.

2. Can my child leave the school at lunchtime?

No. All pupils are expected to stay in school at break and lunch. If they have to go home for any reason, they must have a note from their parent/guardian.

3. What do I do if my child has a hospital/doctor's appointment?

Please send a letter or the appointment card to school with your child. They need to take this to their year team office. Your child will then be issued with an 'out of school' slip for the time stated. Your child's teacher will allow them to leave at the appropriate time. Your child must then obtain an 'Out-of-School Police Pass' from the Pupil Reception.

4. The school is much bigger than primary school - how will my child find their way around?

Students in Y6 will have an induction day towards the end of the summer term, which can include tours of the school. When children start in September in Y7, there will be lots of staff on duty to help them get to the next lesson. The school itself has a very clear layout, with each subject having its own corridor or area.

5. What can my child do at break and lunch?

The Cafe Ole is open during these times for pupils to buy a morning snack or food at lunch. At lunchtimes pupils can bring a packed lunch, which they will eat in the main hall. We encourage pupils to spend some time outside too. There is a large space outside with benches and grassed areas. 

6. What is the school's behaviour policy?

As a school we always seek to reinforce and reward positive effort, attitude and behaviour.  At Meadowhead these attributes are consistently demonstrated by the vast majority of students.  However, if a student misbehaves or fails to produce satisfactory work in relation to their ability, various sanctions called Consequences (C) will be used.  More details can be found here in the Policies section.

7. What happens if my child feels ill in school?

Teachers get to know very quickly if a child is genuinely feeling unwell and will allow the pupil to leave the classroom to go to Pupil Reception for an assessment. We have a medical room and qualified First Aiders. A decision will be made as to whether to telephone parents/guardians and ask them to collect their child.

8. What happens if my child is ill at home and unable to attend school?

Please ring the school every day that your child is off and leave a message for their year team office. On their return to school, you must send a letter with your child, who will give it to their Form Tutor.

9. What happens if my child goes to school without the correct uniform?

We are strict about reinforcing the dress code. Any pupil without the correct uniform will initially be sent to the Year team office, who hold spares. If none is available, it may result in the pupil spending the day in supervised isolation, or parents being contacted.

10. If my child doesn't settle in his/her form, can he/she change forms?

We make a big effort to ensure that our pupils settle in well. Not all classes are taught in form groups, so your child will quickly mix and make friends with other pupils too. However, there are occasions when a form change would be best and this will be fully discussed with you.

11. What if my child is late to school?

Your child should report to Pupil Reception via the main entrance. He/she will be given a late slip with the time of arrival on it. Your child then takes this slip to their lesson and gives it to the class teacher who will give them a late mark.

12. What if I have any concerns? Who do I speak to?

The first person you should contact is your child's year team Pastoral Manager. You can also contact their Head of Year.