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Ethics at KS5

Information about KS5:

At KS5 students study the OCR Philosophy and Ethics course examined at the end of Year 12 and then at 13 with two 1hour 30 minutes examinations.

Philosophy at AS includes: Greek origins of philosophy (Plato & Aristotle); arguments for the existence of God; the Judeo-Christian God; the problem of evil; the relationship of science and religion.

Ethics at AS includes: Moral Absolutism and Moral Relativism, Natural Moral Law, Kant, Utilitarianism, Religious Ethics, The medical ethics behind Abortion/Euthanasia/Genetic Engineering, War and Peace

Philosophy at A2 includes: Philosophical language; religious experience; the body and soul; life after death; miracles.

Ethics at A2 includes: Meta-ethics, Virtue Ethics, Free will and Determinism, Conscience, Environmental and Business Ethics, Sexual Ethics.

This course has remained a very popular course with a high retention rate, since it began in 2012.

A philosophy and ethics A level can lead to a future career as a: journalist, lawyer, social worker, in the media, teacher, politician, nurse, diplomat, researcher, civil servant and many more.