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Meadowhead School

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Equality Objectives

(The full policy can be downloaded at the foot of this page)

Our school aims to meet its obligations under the public sector equality duty by having due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate discrimination and other conduct that is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it
  • Foster good relations across all characteristics – between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it

As set out in the DfE guidance on the Equality Act, the school aims to advance equality of opportunity by:

  • Removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people which are connected to a particular characteristic they have (e.g. pupils with disabilities, or gay pupils who are being subjected to homophobic bullying)
  • Taking steps to meet the particular needs of people who have a particular characteristic (e.g. enabling Muslim pupils to pray at prescribed times)
  • Encouraging people who have a particular characteristic to participate fully in any activities (e.g. encouraging all pupils to be involved in the full range of school societies)


Fostering good relations

The school aims to foster good relations between those who share a protected characteristic and those who do not share it by:

  • Promoting tolerance, friendship and understanding of a range of religions and cultures through our Ethics curriculum. For example, students are taught about the Equality Act and protected characteristics during the Y8 curriculum. This is also support by other Ethics units on RE, citizenship and personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, as well as activities in other curriculum areas.. For example, as part of the English curriculum pupils will be introduced to literature from a range of cultures. For example, all Y9 pupils read Purple Hibiscus by the Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
  • Holding assemblies dealing with relevant issues. Pupils will be encouraged to take a lead in such assemblies and we will also invite external speakers to contribute.
  • Working with our local community. This includes inviting leaders of local faith groups to speak at assemblies, and organising school trips and activities based around the local community.
  • Encouraging and implementing initiatives to deal with tensions between different groups of pupils within the school. For example, our school parliament has representatives from different year groups and is formed of pupils from a range of backgrounds. All pupils are encouraged to participate in the school’s activities, such as sports clubs. We also work with parents to promote knowledge and understanding of different cultures.
  • We have developed links with people and groups who have specialist knowledge about particular characteristics, which helps inform and develop our approach.


Equality objectives

  • Objective 1 Student support groups facilitated to promote diversity and equality across the school.
  • Objective 2 Promote diversity through the curriculum
  • Objective 3 Create a culture where sexual harassment and online sexual abuse are not tolerated


We match our clear focus on academic excellence with an equally strong commitment to personal individual needs and social development. We intend for all of our students to become responsible and active citizens, community and family members and individuals who are tolerant and respectful of others.

Every individual has potential and is, therefore, capable of achievement.  It is the school's task to present the fullest range of opportunities so that each individual may discover just where their talents lie and our school aims to open those opportunities to all and makes no assumptions based on gender, nationality, race, ability, sexual orientation, disability or creed.  Our school building has been designed for full access to disabled persons.


Anti-racism Policy Statement

Meadowhead School believes that every individual, irrespective of their colour, culture, ethnic origin, nationality or religion has a unique and valuable contribution to make to our school community.  Our aim is to enable all students from 11 to 19 to reach their full potential within a supportive learning environment.

  • This school opposes racism and discrimination and works to combat such attitudes through initiatives such as the Meadowhead Against Racism student group
  • This school encourages all those involved with the school to have a positive self-image and to treat others with fairness and respect
  • This school will actively promote these principles through the way our school is staffed, the lessons and subjects we teach, the learning support we provide, our relationships with parents, employers, community groups and through all other activities
  • This school will fully support any member of our community who experiences racism