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Meadowhead School

Meadowhead SchoolAcademy Trust

Equal Opportunities

Every individual has potential and is, therefore, capable of achievement.  It is the school's task to present the fullest range of opportunities so that each individual may discover just where their talents lie.  It is inevitable that the school opens those opportunities to all and makes no assumptions based on gender, nationality, race, ability, sexual orientation, disability or creed.  Our new purpose-built school has been designed for full access to disabled persons.

Anti-racism Policy Statement

Meadowhead School believes that every individual, irrespective of their colour, culture, ethnic origin, nationality or religion has a unique and valuable contribution to make to our school community.  Our aim is to enable all students from 11 to 19 to reach their full potential within a supportive learning environment.

  • This school opposes racism and discrimination and works to combat such attitudes
  • This school encourages all those involved with the school to have a positive self-image and to treat others with fairness and respect
  • This school will actively promote these principles through the way our school is staffed, the lessons and subjects we teach, the learning support we provide, our relationships with parents, employers, community groups and through all other activities
  • This school will fully support any member of our community who experiences racism