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Meadowhead School

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English at KS3

Year 7

Students will have three lessons of English a week. During year seven students will study a range of literary, non-literary and media texts. They will have opportunities of working independently and collaboratively.
In each unit students will develop core skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. They will complete an assessment for each unit of work and receive a National Curriculum level and sublevel.
As well as reading collaboratively, students will have the opportunity to read independently during the private reading sessions.


Year 8

Y8 is an exciting year in English where students build upon and strengthen their knowledge of the three strands of English: Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing.
Students will cover 6 units of work through out the year: Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Non-Fiction writing, Novel, Poetry and Film & Media. Each of these units will culminate in an extended piece of work which will be assessed with National Curriculum levels and sublevels. Students will also spend 30 minutes of their English lessons per week reading for pleasure.

How will students be assessed?

Over the course of the year in Y7 and Y8, students will study six units. They will complete assessed pieces of each of these. These will cover speaking / listening, reading and writing skills. Students will also do regular APP tasks to monitor their progress and allow us to set targets for improvement.