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Online Safety

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 legislation has given a further emphasis to e-safety.  Due to recent events and Covid-19 restrictions there has been a rise in children using the internet for both entertainment, communication and online learning.

Many parents express concerns regarding their children’s use of the internet.  Many are also concerned as they don’t always understand exactly what the new dangers are and how they can help to protect their children.

Our Online Safety Policy is available at the foot of this page - click here


At Meadowhead School our aim is to teach young people to ‘become responsible users of technology’.  Technology offers a host of benefits to young people when used in the correct way.

school computersAlthough the internet offers a massive array of educational benefits there are also some areas and activities which are inappropriate. Meadowhead School has first class internet filtering software. However, many students now have access to unfiltered content on either their mobile phone/device or through their home’s internet connection. Therefore giving up to date teaching and helping students to develop a responsible attitude is key in ensuring they are able to keep themselves safe online at all times. 

A whole school approach will be used to ensure that students receive regular teaching through a variety of curriculum and pastoral sources. The Computing / ICT department will deliver sessions ranging from safe use of social media to how to deal with inappropriate content. The Ethics department will be delivering a range of topics from online gambling, grooming and extremist web content. Students will also receive updates in assemblies and through work with their form tutors.

National Online Safety Account for Parents

Technology changes extremely quickly with new applications, software, content and threats are emerging almost daily.  As a school we have invested in a new system to help parents keep up to date with easy to access information. As a parent you have full access to National Safety Online. national online safety

Please get in touch if you have any issues with accessing the system or have any questions on e-safety.  Your special link to sign up free for full access is

We have also compiled a list of some useful websites which you may wish to look at.  You can find the details by clicking  HERE

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to e-mail on

We do hope you find this information useful for your discussions with your children regarding e-safety.


For e-safety / online concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school via telephone and the email addresses below:-

School number: 0114 2372723


Year 7

Mrs Alex Freeman (Head of Year): Telephone ext: 807

Ms Ruby Burkinshaw (Assistant Head of Year) Telephone ext: 407

Mr Alex Eyre (Pastoral Manager)  Telephone ext: 707

Year 8

Gemma Hazzard (Head of Year)  Telephone ext: 808

Kerrie Strafford (Assistant Head of Year) Telephone ext: 408

Nikki Drew-Brummit (Pastoral Manager) 

Year 9

Neil Cooper (Head of Year)  Telephone ext: 809

Helen Simms (Assistant Head of Year) Telephone ext: 409

Diane Hesslewood (Pastoral Manage)r Telephone ext: 709

Year 10

Greg Hill (Head of Year)  Telephone ext: 810

Kate Roberts (Assistant Head of Year) Telephone ext: 410

Rachael Brown (Pastoral Manager) Telephone ext: 710

Year 11

Claire Foster (Head of Year)  Telephone ext: 811

James Lovatt (Assistant Head of Year) Telephone ext: 411

Janis Jackson (Pastoral Manager)  Telephone ext: 711


Year 12

Vincent O'Brien (Head of Year)

Telephone extension:  813

Kobi Cookson (Pastoral Manager P16)

Telephone extension: 712

Anthony Garbett (Pastoral P16)


Year 13

Vincent O'Brien (Head of Year)

Telephone extension: 812

Kobi Cookson (Pastoral Manager)

Telephone extension: 712

Anthony Garbett (Pastoral P16)



Geoff Dearman (Assistant Head Teacher and Designated Safeguard Lead)  Tel: 523