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Meadowhead School

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Confidence and Communication

We want our students to be able to present their thoughts and emotions in an engaging and convincing manner.

Core Activities

Year Seven

All Drama Units including The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty

Let’s Think in English


Talking about School (Languages)


Year Eight

All Drama Units including Fault



Presentation on Popular Music



Year Nine

All Drama Units including Off the Rails

Rebel Voices presentation


Language and Viewpoint


Friends and Family (Languages)

Solo or Duet Performance – Musicals



Year Ten and Year Eleven

Assessed Presentation


Expressing a Viewpoint


Mock Interviews



How else can students develop their confidence and communication?

In lessons at Meadowhead, students are expected to participate in class discussions. Teachers will normally use a “no opt-out” approach that means that everyone is expected to share their ideas verbally. This means that students develop their confidence in speaking and listening skills across all subjects. Students can also:

  • Join debate club – learning the art of formal debating
  • Choose to take a language at GCSE
  • Join drama club and act in a whole school production
  • Participate in an exchange trip – practising speaking and listening skills in another country

Spanish exchange trip

Spanish exchange trip