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BTEC Courses

At Meadowhead we offer the following BTEC courses:

Level of qualification

Title of programme

L2/1 – NQF


L2/1 – NQF


L2/1 – NQF- Tech Award

Performing Arts- Drama

L2/1- NQF- Tech Award

Performing Arts- Dance

L2/1 – NQF- Tech Award

Health and Social Care

L3 - NQF


L3 - NQF


L3 - NQF


L3 - NQF

Applied Science

L3 - NQF

Performing Arts

L2/1 - NQF  Constructing the Built Environment

What are Vocational Qualifications?

Vocational qualifications are nationally recognised qualifications.  They are different from traditional GCSE and A Levels because they are linked to a particular area of work. 

BTEC’s are courses that develop a broad range of skills in job related areas. They are practical programmes and highly valued by employers and colleges. The BTEC National courses are assessed by 50% coursework, 25% synoptic assessment, 25% examination. The BTEC L2 courses are assessed with 75% coursework and 25% examination. Students are assessed in a variety of ways, including practical, written work presentations and report writing.

What are the lessons like?

The lessons will vary according to the subject and level but all students should experience most of these activities:

  • Discussion - one to one or in groups
  • Research – group or individual using a variety of methods
  • Report writing – manually or using ICT
  • Presentations – in groups or individually
  • Practical work
  • Display work
  • Visits to organisations/companies
  • Work with visitors

What makes vocational Qualifications different?

  • Students develop skills, knowledge and understanding in the vocational area they are studying.
  • Each vocational course is made up of a number of units, allowing students to build up their qualification in stages.
  • Students are assessed through coursework.
  • Students produce evidence for their key skills qualification through their vocational course.
  • Students take responsibility for their own learning by planning their work, doing research and regularly reviewing their progress.

Why do we offer BTEC courses?

  • They prepare students for the world of work and provide a good starting point for other qualifications such as NVQs that can be studied in the workplace.
  • Employers value the qualities that vocational students bring to the workplace e.g. organisation, time management, communication and research skills.
  • Universities value the independent study skills that vocational students bring to their courses.
  • The courses are flexible so that they meet the needs of a wide range of students.  They are available at different levels in a variety of formats.  They can be taken alongside other qualifications such as traditional GCSEs, A levels.
  • They give students the opportunity to try a range of activities such as designing products, organising events, investigating how professionals work and working in teams.