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Meadowhead School encourages all of its pupils to attend school regularly and on time. It encourages parents/carers to fulfil their legal responsibilities in sending their children to school every day and on time. The school will liaise with parents/carers and listen to any concerns. Any issues causing a child to miss school or lessons should be discussed in full and at the earliest opportunity. Meadowhead School will do all that it can to provide a positive, supportive and understanding learning environment, accessible and acceptable to all.

Failure to attend school will result in procedures being put into place as outlined in the  'Attendance Policy' document at the foot of this page.

We expect parents to contact school on the first day their child is absent for any reason and then on all subsequent days.


Sixth Form

Sixth Form students are expected to attend all lessons and they should contact the school immediately if there is a problem. The Sixth Form Attendance Policy can be found in the dedicated Sixth Form area of our website

Family Holidays

We do not authorise parents/carers to take their child on holiday in term time unless the circumstances are exceptional and at the discretion of the Headteacher.  A 'Notification of Term Time Leave' form must be completed (available at the foot of this page)

Term Time Leave Policy (summary)

Please click the document at the foot of the page to view the full 'LA Exceptional Leave During Term Time' policy

The school believes that it is inadvisable for students to miss out on their education by taking holidays during term time. If a planned absence is requested the school follows the Term Time Leave Policy for Sheffield Schools which is summarised below:

  1. We do not allow parent/carers to take their child on holiday in term time unless the circumstances are exceptional. This is due to changes in the policies and procedures surrounding pupils’ attendance at school.
  2. If school determines that there are exceptional circumstances, the Head teacher ultimately has the final decision in giving permission as to whether or not the holiday can be authorised.
  3. To determine whether circumstances are exceptional parents must request leave in writing (letter or email) and the Head teacher will consider the request and make a formal decision.
  4. If either a request or decision is not made then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.
  5. The request must include specific start and end dates.
  6. Requests must be made 20 days in advance by parent/carer to enable time for school to consider.
  7. If permission has been granted the holiday will be recorded as an authorised absence.
  8. If the decision is not to grant permission and the child is taken out of school anyway, the time off will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. Taking unauthorised term time holidays could result in a penalty notice warning and in some cases loss of place at the school.