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Initial Admission into Secondary School at the Normal Admission Date

Students attending junior or primary schools will normally transfer to secondary schools at the age of 11+.

The Local Authority allocates places at secondary schools using the following order of priorities:

1.  Looked After Children or previously Looked After Children

2.  Pupils living in the Catchment area, with a sibling* who is already attending
     Meadowhead  School, and will still be on roll when the Y6 pupil transfers to Meadowhead

3.  Pupils living in the Catchment area and currently attending a Feeder Primary  School**.

4.  Pupils living in the Catchment area only

5.  Children who do not live in the catchment area who will have siblings* attending the
     school on the day of admission

6.  Children who do not live in the catchment area but attend a designated feeder primary
7.  All other applications


Within each of the above categories the discriminator will be distance from the home address to Meadowhead School measured in a straight line

*A child will only be afforded “sibling” status if the older sibling has attended the school prior to sixth form

**  The Feeder Primary Schools for Meadowhead School are:-

Abbey Lane
Lower Meadow
Norton Free

Admission Process

During the Autumn Term prior to the September in which the student will normally transfer from junior or primary school to secondary school, the parent/carer will receive a letter indicating which secondary school serves the area of the student’s home address.  Parents/carers are asked to reply stating their three different preferred schools.

Requests are considered by the LEA in accordance with the principles outlined above, and on 1 March students will be offered a place at a school for which they are the most eligible.

Open Evening

We plan to hold an Open Evening for Y6 students and their families early in each October. This year's event (October 2020) was a virtual one due to the Covid-19 situation and you can still visit it here


Key Dates for Prospective Parents - September 2021 entry

Opportunities to see the School 
Prospective students and their parents are invited to attend an Open Evening. This will be an opportunity to see and even sample the great range of work and activities that Meadowhead has to offer. 
Prospective parents are also invited to an Open Morning. This is simply an opportunity to see the school at work.  Interested parents are asked to arrive at the school for an 8.45am start. If you wish to attend the tour, we would ask that you telephone the school in the previous week to make an appointment. 

New Students 
Zoom meetings will take place between the Assistant Headteacher responsible for transition and all the main feeders schools starting in October. They will be guided how to navigate the school website to access all appropriate information required. Zoom meetings will continue to take place in the Spring Term with Y6 teachers, SENCO’s and Safeguarding leads. New students will be visited in their schools via Zoom during the Summer Term prior to their transfer to Meadowhead. We will host feeder transition days on 8th and 9th July 2021 8.30am – 3pm. Parents of new students are invited to attend the New Intake Parents’ Evening on Monday 12th July 2021 at 7.00pm. This may be on site or via Zoom. 

“Welcome” Booklet 
New students are quickly made aware of guidelines on behaviour, punctuality, attendance, movement around the school buildings, lunchtime arrangements, first-aid assistance, lost property and fire drill.  All this information is given to the new students in a separate Year 7 booklet issued on the full day visit to Meadowhead in July as well as via the website. 

“Opting In” 
Students “opting in” to Meadowhead from outside the normal catchment area will attend an extra induction afternoon specifically for them on non-feeder transition days on 18th & 19th June 2021 (8.30am – 3.00pm). 
Prospective parents are also encouraged to visit the Transition section on the school website here