National Cup R8 Y10 vs Malet Lambert


After a long drive to Hull, Meadowhead arrived at Malet Lambert school on a hot sunny day hoping to reach the semi-finals of the national cup and break the Meadowhead history records.

It was always going to be tough when your two strikers suffer from crucial injuries the day before the match, and although Meadowhead did create chances, it was never going to be their day. It took two first half goals of high quality from the home team to send Meadowhead out of the National Cup but if Ehsan Mohammed’s free-kick in the first ten minutes had dropped one inch lower of the crossbar and hit the back of the net, it makes you wonder if the entire match could have been a completely different story!

Meadowhead also deserved a penalty with ten minutes remaining as Jack Morton was wrestled to the floor inside the penalty area but the referee chose to play on. Despite the loss, it has been a fantastic effort from Meadowhead throughout the national competition and it is certain that they will come back next year with the same amount of passion, the same amount of determination and the same will to win which has made them so successful throughout every competition they have competed in this season.

Report by Joseph N-B,
Y10 Sports Reporter