South Yorkshire Cup Final Y10 vs Ecclesfield

In their fourth successive meeting in their fourth successive South Yorkshire Cup Final, Meadowhead travelled down to Balby Carr School in Doncaster, hoping to complete their best season ever with a win over their close rivals Ecclesfield.

The match began scrappily and the pitch was not of the best quality to get the ball down and play passing football. It was Ecclesfield who took the lead just before half time with a long range rocket which Ted Claxton could do nothing about and Ecclesfield doubled their lead from a scrappy corner which was eventually prodded into the net at the back post.

Meadowhead finally began to look like their usual selves and they dominated the play for the last twenty minutes and deservedly got a goal back as Louis Hutchinson burst down the ball and squared the ball to Aaron Mushet, who shot into the empty net for a consolation goal but unfortunately, Meadowhead’s late pressure could not find them an equaliser.

It may not have been the best way to finish the season but there is no escaping the fact that this was still Meadowhead’s best season yet and next year, we will come back fighting even stronger!

Report by Joseph N-B
Y10 Sports Reporter