South Yorkshire Cup R2 vs Sir Thomas Wharton

In the second round of the South Yorkshire Cup, nobody expected to see a match quite as extraordinary as the 7-6 win over West Park in the previous round. 

However, Meadowhead’s Y10s had to endure a match which they may unfortunately never forget. The opposition were Sir Thomas Wharton and it was clear to see at the very first minute that Meadowhead were by far the better side as they raced into a 6-0 lead after a first half lasting twenty minutes.

The goals came from Matt Beck, a Harry Grimmer double and a hat-trick from Caelen Bradley. In the second half, Ted Claxton swapped positions with Harry Grimmer and went from going in goal to scoring a goal and making it 7-0 to Meadowhead.

However, the visitors then began to put in some horrific tackles, resulting in two red and two yellow cards, and eventually the match was finished early. Despite this, Meadowhead still got the win they needed, and have made it into the quarter finals.

Report by Joseph Newman-Billington
Y10 Sports Reporter