Y7 Reward Trips 2017

The Fearless Falcons (Also known as 7F) were the victorious team in this reward trip y7 year’s Year Seven Super League. All 12 forms competed over 11 weeks against each other. They were competing on Phoenix Awards, Punctuality, Attendance and Behaviour Points.

7F came out as the winners and chose as their prize a visit to Jump Inc at Meadowhall on 14th June. They had great fun there on the many trampolines, high drop, assault course and climbing wall, amongst other things.

 Y7 reward trip

28 pupils from Year 7 were taken to Twycross Zoo on 7th June to reward them for some good work this year.  Whilst there they got the opportunity to see the gorillas, elephants, chimps and all the other wonderful animals at Twycross. The highlight of the day was watching the new Penguin Parade and feeding time at close hand.

 Twycross Zoo trip