Couch to 5K

On Saturday the 24th November the lucky 13 took part in a first for Meadowhead School - they ran the Graves Park Parkrun. The students trained for 10 weeks, twice a week, building up their strength and stamina in order to complete the 5K. All of those who stood on the start line ran through the finishing funnel, mostly with smile on their faces.

This in itself is reason enough for celebration, but there was more to this event. This is not a sports group, this is Meadowhead's first Mental Health Awareness Activity Group. The whole aim of the group is to raise the profile of mental health in the school and raise some money to support future projects. It was also to advocate the effect exercise can have on your mental health. Most of the students who ran the 5K had never run before starting the training, and were themselves surprised at how far they had come.

The students have been a joy to run with this term, but we are not stopping. In January, our aim is to find a new cohort of people (staff and students) to mentor through the 'Couch to 5K' program. It is our aim to provide a safe and supportive space to help anyone at the school do a bit of exercise to make a massive difference to their mental health. It's all about PMA, Positive Meadowhead Attitude.

Very well done everyone!

 couch to 5 k