People Like Me

A special thanks to @Grippleltd @whittamcoxarch @AECOM @TheAMRC @MERI_shu @pimoroni for attending the 'People Like Me' event on Tuesday this week (6th November), run by Mr Mason, with 8 successful women physicists and engineers and approximately 40 Y11 girls and their mums in the LRC. The girls were identified by ability and interest as having the potential to study physics in post-16.

There were so many quality conversations between the girls and the physicists about their qualifications, ed...ucation, working lives and the girls' aspirations.

The event was really positive and put the girls in a position of knowledge with respect to their choice of A-levels. Mr Mason is very proud of how the girls networked, developed contacts, enquired about work experience and mentoring and negotiated trips to see some of the employers' work places.

A special thanks to the following guests and their companies:

Dr Kathryn Jackson Programme lead in manufacturing technology at AMRC (Advanced manufacturing research centre)
Cara Saugsomboon Assistant research engineer at nuclear AMRC (Advanced manufacturing research centre)
Corrine Hall Architect at Whittam Cox
Jessica Dunn Strategic highways engineer at Aecomm
Shruti Mandhani PhD student at MERI (Materials and engineering research institute)
Mirjam Skof PhD student at MERI (Materials and engineering research institute)
Tanya Fish Education and outreach at Pimoroni
Isobel Park Project manager in Engineering at Gripple


 women in science

 women in science