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Bikeability Cycle Training

We are pleased to be able to offer this at Meadowhead School on Monday 19th February (first day of half term holiday), giving students the skills to cycle safely....

We are pleased to be able to offer this at Meadowhead School on Monday 19th February (the first day of the half term holiday) for our students. Please return the consent form at the bottom of this page by Friday 9th February 2018

Below is the information provided by Cycle North: Cycle North

Dear Parent/Guardian

Your School has been chosen as one of a few in Sheffield to receive Bikeability Cycle Training.

This course seeks to give students the skills and confidence to cycle safely on the road. This fun course starts in the playground (Level 1) and will continue on quiet roads around the school (Level 2).

Some pupils may also advance to Level 3 where students learn the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions than on Level 2 such as traffic lights, roundabouts and how to and when to filter in traffic. The course also covers dealing with hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling. Please note pupils may well be advised to walk rather than cycle some parts of any planned route to school.

In order for your child to take part, you will need to complete the attached consent form and return it to school. The training is FREE.

Ideally your child will use their own bike for the training, but bikes can be loaned to those without. Please tick the box at the end of the form to request a bike and/or helmet loan.

The cycling will continue whatever the weather, so please send your child with warm and waterproof clothing. Gloves are a good idea. We suggest that pupils wear trousers or tracksuit bottoms when training and, if the weather is warm, get them to bring sunscreen and a water bottle.

This is all happening on

Monday 19th February 2018

The school will confirm if you have a place on the course.

We anticipate that this will be a full day - timings to be confirmed

This course is being run by Cycle North on behalf of Sheffield City Council and the instructors are fully qualified, checked and insured.

Your child will need to have with them, for all their course sessions:

  • A bike which is roadworthy and fits properly.

A bike check will be carried out on the first day and any bike which is not roadworthy cannot be used on the course. I’ve attached a bike check form to help you ensure that your child’s bike is in a good condition.

  • A cycle helmet (which fits!)
  • Warm clothing and a water-proof jacket
  • A water bottle and sun-screen if appropriate.

Children will be assessed during the course and receive a certificate and badge at the end.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Crossley (Bikeability Training Manager) 
Mobile: 07504 282133


Bike Check cycle north

Is the bike alright to use?

The cycle training can be done on any sort of bike so long as it is roadworthy, and has both a front and back brake. Please check your bike using the checklist below. If in doubt take it to a bike shop and ask them to check it. Our trainees are not mechanics, but may be able to make minor adjustments on the day. Unfortunately, if your child arrives with a bike that we do not consider safe to use on the roads, your child will not be able to do the training unless you have booked a loan bicycle with us.

This list is not comprehensive and does not guarantee your bike is safe.

Wheels and tyres:

  • Check the tyres are pumped up. You should not be able to squeeze the sides of the tyres in.
  • Remove any embedded glass in the tyres. If a tyre has large cuts in it, it should be replaced.
  • Are the wheel nuts tight, or the quick release levers closed? If they are and the wheels still wobbles from side to side. Get it fixed at a bike shop.
  • Get any broken or very loose spokes fixed.
  • The wheels should spin freely without the rim or tyre hitting anything such as the brakes or mudguards.


  • Make sure that your child can operate the brakes comfortably.
  • Try pushing the bike back and forth with the brakes on, there should not be much movement.
  • Check that the brake levers do not touch the handlebars when pulled on. If they do they will need adjusting.
  • Check the brake blocks are hitting the rim squarely. If they don’t or they touch the tyres, get them adjusted.

Handlebars and saddle:

  • Check that you can’t see a maximum mark on the tubes holding the handlebars and saddle.
  • Check the handlebars will not turn in their tube if the front wheel is held tightly.

Does the bike fit:

  • Your child should be able to comfortably stand over the bike.
  • The saddle should be high enough so that the child’s leg is only slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

If you need further information please contact us. It is important that bikes are roadworthy but it’s more important that your child receives the cycle training. Remember if you do not have a suitable bike we can provide one for you (as long as you let us know on the consent form).