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Passport to Languages

How would you react if an Italian told you to spit out the frog? Around 70 high-flying Y8 students found out the answer to this question - and many more - in an interactive session led by students from the University of Sheffield....

How would you react if an Italian told you to spit out the frog? What does the name “Netherlands” literally mean? Does anyone really eat guinea pigs? How could you say which hobbies you like in Portuguese? Are you able to introduce yourself in Russian? Well, around 70 high-flying Y8 students found out answers to these questions - and many more! - in a dedicated “Passport to Languages” event held at Meadowhead School in conjunction with the University of Sheffield.
 passport to languages
Five specialist university ambassadors put on taster sessions in Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese, and rounded the afternoon off with a talk about how far languages can take you in life, whether that’s in education, in the world of work, or in forging international friendships.
 passport to languages
The students thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and it was a pleasure to see so many young minds stepping out of their comfort zones, challenging any preconceptions, and broadening their aspirations. We’d like to thank staff and ambassadors from The University of Sheffield for offering the exciting and informative session, and the Y8s for their outstanding behaviour and attitude during this fabulous, informative event.

 passport to languages