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Lockdown Haikus

The children of key workers who have been regularly attending school have written these excellent Haikus. A Haiku is a short form of poetry consisting of 3 short lines that do not rhyme. They were originally from Japan and often evoke images of the natural world - a great inspiration to capture how our students are feeling during lockdown.

 We hope you enjoy reading these (the students are from a range of year groups from Y7-11 and wished to remain anonymous)

Stuck at my desk

Ideas blooming, music plays

I pick up a pencil

Not seeing your friends

Can only contact by phone

No more shopping trips

Less meeting of friends

Staying inside and limited shops

One hour’s dog walking.

I can’t buy any food

There’s nowt to do but play games

All I can do is…

My eyes are hurting

It’s all the computers fault

Now I need glasses

There is no more bread

To find pasta is a quest

All streets are left dead

Walking the dog again.

Walking into the same room

always eating.

Beep beep goes the phone

Another zoom call from home

Haven’t got trousers




I am twelve years old

At the start of all teen life

Wanting to go out

There has been no food

I have eaten all the bread

I am very bored.

There is no football

I have no competition

What shall I do now

We hope you will forgive this final Haiku for being '2 in 1'

The big change

Before Covid we

only noticed people we

walk past as strangers.


Didn’t give a smile

or a wave, now we are

closer than you think.

Very well done everyone!