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Black Lives Matter - Poem

One of our students (who wishes to remain anonymous here) has written this powerful poem in response to Black Lives Matter and we felt it was important to share it here.

          We are tired

My people are tired of Being gunned down

Of Being put down

What have we done?

This isn’t over you haven’t won

The battle is yet begun

We are tired

But we are not frightened

We want us all to stand united and not divided

Take pride and stand

And make them understand

That we are tired

Let us stand united cuz we are Wakanda

Let us stand in a calm manner

Why do u do this to my kind

Don’t lie we aren’t blind

We don’t want no trouble

You bury us in the rubble

They label our rebellion a riot

We just want to live

I can’t breathe

Racism is like a disease

All we want is to achieve


You can visit the official Black Lives Matter website here: