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We created this news page to keep you updated with all of the positive news stories and share some of the fantastic work and activities our students and their families have been involved in during the time school was only open to the children of keyworkers, due to the Coronavirus pandemic (March - July 2020)

The January/February lockdown is a little different as we are now delivering live lessons to students at home, following their normal school timetable.  There is still however many activities that the students are getting involved in and we are pleased to be able to share some here.

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  • 20/04/20

    'Thank You' Feedback

    We always welcome feedback from our parents and particularly at this difficult time when communication is so important.  To receive such positive comments as these posted here is particularly welcome and encouraging for all our teachers and support staff. So, thank you to everyone who is sendin...
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  • 08/03/21

    Meadowhead Bake Off Live - week 4

    This week (Monday 1st March) students tuned in and made delicious chocolate orange muffins.
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  • 23/02/21

    Meadowhead Bake Off - week 3

    Rocky Road Chocolate Cheesecake! This was our third delicious creation on our @meadowheadADT Instagram Live Bake Off. The recipe is below an you can watch a recording of it here (available until 1st March)
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  • 11/02/21

    Chromatography Experiment - Y7s

    Y7s enjoyed learning about Chromatography - the processes for separating dissolved solids - and as part of their remote learning science lesson they were given the opportunity for a practical experiment. Using kitchen or toilet paper, they were asked to determine the colours present in the inks o...
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  • 10/02/21

    Meadowhead Bake Off - week 2

    It was great to see so many students baking along with us live on @meadowheadADT Instagram for our second bake off on Monday 8th February - we were also sent lots of photos of your efforts, and you can see some below. While everyone waited for their dough to rise, there was a quiz about the...
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  • 08/02/21

    Creative Science

    Y7 students took a break from their screens in their online science lesson to use any resources at home to create models of elements, compounds and mixtures - a great way to demonstrate their understanding of the difference between them.
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  • 02/02/21

    Meadowhead Bake Off - week 1

    We held our first ever Meadowhead Bake Off on @meadowheadADT Instagram Live on Monday 1st February - it was a huge success and well done to everyone who joined in!  Lots of you have sent us photos of your tasty mini-egg cookies.
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  • 01/02/21

    Y7 'Show and Tell' Form Time

    Some of our Y7 Form Tutors have been doing a 'show and tell' with their students in the morning - encouraging them to share something that they have been doing during this lockdown.  There have been lots of positive stories -  and we are delighted to be sharing some of them here.
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  • 25/01/21

    Comforting Cottage Pie

    The task for our KS3 students in the week ending 22nd January was to cook a cottage pie.  Well done to all students who had a go and we are delighted to be sharing some of the photos here.  There is also a fantastic step-by-step record by one of our Y8 students.
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  • 18/01/21

    Delicious one pot chilli/vegetable rice!

    Last week's task (w/e 15th January) for KS3 food tech students was to create a one pot chilli or vegetable rice dish and we had some delicious looking photographs sent to us!
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  • 08/01/21

    Tasty Shortbread!

    KS3 were asked to bake shortbread at home for their first food technology task in the January 2021 lockdown - as you can see here, we have some very talented bakers and we are sure they taste as good as they look!
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  • 14/07/20

    Virtual Sports Day Results 2020

    Well done to everyone who took part in our Virtual Sports Day and we are ready to announce the results! Students from the winning forms will receive a certificate and below we have videos from Mrs Grewal-Joy and the Heads of Year congratulating the forms. 
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