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3pm - Our final winners are here - KS4 and Artwork

Congratulations to all of our entrants this year! We hope you have enjoyed this year’s Everyone a Writer event!

Our Key Stage 4 winner is …. Isaac Waldron





Our world is changing. 
We were always told that change is gradual,  It takes time, and is something to be feared. After all, why would we travel when we can just stay 
Where we are, trapped in our daily routines? Everything is fine just the way it is, and everyone should 
remain where they belong.  
Why should we? Why do I have to be told by people ‘above me’  
Where I can go, who I can talk to and what I can do? 
In today’s world, where one teenage girl can start a revolution 
And one spark can start a fire, 
We are the children of the flames. 
But the planet is burning, and our patience is running out. 
Why can’t I make friends with people from elsewhere,  
And why don’t those people have the same rights as me? 
Why can’t I follow my dreams and move away,  
Running headfirst into a glass wall every time I try to break free? 
Is this really the end? Can we escape this nightmare, 
Save ourselves from what seems like 
An inevitable ending? 
Let’s make a change for the better. 

Isaac Waldron Y11 

Our artwork winner is… Oscar Evans in Y7


winning art work

Winners receive a fiction book, as well as a certificate and a copy of the anthology. These will be available on reception for you to collect!

(we will email you to make arrangements)

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