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Meadowhead School

Meadowhead SchoolAcademy Trust

2pm - It's time to announce our Y8 and Y9 winners!

And the winners are.......

Our Year 8 winner is …. Florian Hardvart


Y8 Highly Commended 

Evie Harpham

Lucy Hallam

The Roar of a Dragon 

There was a mix of crimson, gold and orange in the distance, 
Who would have thought such beautiful and peaceful dance could turn into a detrimental power of death? 
Our mere existence is the cause of earth’s last breath. 
It lashes out at all and leaves behind a call for help, 
There it is standing so tall, raging on, asking for applause  
Life is burned to nothing and all that is left, Is but a bare human foot print. 
This was just a test. 

Florian Hardvart Y8 

Our Year 9 winner is …. Leon Court


Y9 Highly commended

Archie Mosforth

Connie Crookes

Lucy Downham

Nicholas Burgar

Thomas Connley

Once But Now Is Gone 

Once but now a memory, 
Were crystal clear skies. 
Where once the water gleamed, 
 Is now a lake of poison. 
Where once the trees towered and dominated the earth, 
Now lays the plastic as it blankets the ground. Where once the emerald like plants lay, Now is native to plastic prancing far and wide. 
 Now the corpses of the greens 
Lay abandoned and neglected. 
Now the left over survivors of the trees, 
Lay nestled in contaminated air.  

Leon Court Y9

Winners receive a fiction book, as well as a certificate and a copy of the anthology. Highly commended entrants will receive a certificate and a copy of the anthology. These will be available on reception for you to collect!