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Meadowhead School

Meadowhead SchoolAcademy Trust

1pm - It's time to announce our Y7 and Primary winners!

And the winners are......

Our Y7 winner is …. Charlotte Rundall


Highly commended in Y7 are…

Eve Campbell

Isabelle Walker

Lillia Davies

Can Earth be Earth?

As the moon’s flare begins the fade,

My leaves stretch up to the sun.

The people come out of the homes they made From the sacrifice of my fellow tree;

A fallen soldier in the forest army.

My arms overburdened in polluted air.

Once others were too, now only I remain. Our planet is dying

Left like a body to rot.

Not even my roots can hold on.

Can Earth be Earth when all its nature is gone?

Charlotte Rundall Y7


Our winner at Bradway Primary is… Elaani Whitehouse


Highly commended at Bradway…

April Encinas

Rebecca Lightning-Ntodonke

Will Stainthorpe

I am the dreadful menace,

The one whose will is done.

I will summon armies of wind and snow. Also I will steal your dreams.

Then I lock them in a safe and never let them out.

I freeze whatever is in my way.

Then beware for I am winter.

I am the joyful winter.

When you children rush out.

You play with me and you throw me all about and

build snowmen out of me.

You catch me on your tongue.

When the sun comes out to play I hide until it Goes away, then I come to play again.

For I am winter.

Elaani Whitehouse Y5


Our winner at Abbey Lane Primary is Mhairi!


Highly commended at Abbey Lane





Our Fragile Planet

The stunning, sturdy trees stood tall,

Yet now they devastatingly fall.

Under the ocean The Great Barrier Reef lay unique,

As quick as a flash it becomes incomplete.  Without warning weather is changing madly, And through time we are passing sadly.

In our majestic forest fire is spreading with results devastating,

Just like the plague recreating.

As a result of humans coral is burning,

Also fabulous fish and sea life is hurting. Aiming for crisis tornados are twisting, Disturbing lightning comes from clouds blazing.

Quicker than ever our nature filled climate is changing,

Humans and other animals need saving.


Abbey Lane

Winners receive a fiction book, as well as a certificate and a copy of the anthology. Highly commended entrants will receive a certificate and a copy of the anthology. These will be available on reception for you to collect!