Target Setting

Target setting for students in Year 7 – 11

Why do we have target grades?

Students are given target grades in order to celebrate achievement, measure progress, raise aspirations and provide them with meaningful short, medium and long term goals.  The primary purpose of target setting is to improve the learning and progress of students. 

Setting Target Grades

Target grades are set in Year 7 and reviewed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. The targets are set using Key Stage 2 fine levels for Mathematics and reading in English with a degree of challenge built in to ensure that they are both realistic and aspirational.

At the heart of our target setting is this sentence;

As a minimum, any student meeting their target grade in any particular subject would surpass the national average performance of students with the same baseline ability.

Reviewing the targets

Faculties will use assessment data to review the targets for students on a regular basis.

The Assistant Head teacher (assessment and progress) and data manager meet every week to consider requests for target reviews.

All subjects aim for the vast majority of students to make at least expected progress, with a significant proportion making better than expected progress. 

A small number of students may make more rapid progress in a particular area and it may be deemed beneficial to raise these target grades.

Changes to target grades (September 2018)

There has been a significant change to GCSE examinations in 2018, with the majority of subjects changing from A* - G grades (an 8 grade system) to 9 – 1 grades (a 9 grade system). All subjects have seen an increase in the amount of content and the length and style of assessments that takes place, moving away from coursework to a greater emphasis on terminal examinations.

To reflect the national changes to the examinations and utilising information provided by the Department for Education, we have re-calculated our target grades. As a parent or carer, you may notice changes on your child’s report but these are no reflection on the work, effort or attitude of your child to their studies.

If you have any further questions relating to target grades or reporting, please look on the back of the reports we send out reach term as we do include helpful information. You can also contact Mr Heggs via the enquiries at Meadowhead email address.