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Sociology (Y12-Y13)

We encourage students to go beyond their immediate experience and use evidence from research and theory to help explain the individual and society.  Sociology creates critical thinkers. The ability to analyse and evaluate our own views and those of others in the light of evidence is an essential skill; we give students the confidence and the skills to be able to do this.

Please click the hyperlinks to access knowledge organisers in the table below.

(Y12 Research methods and methods in context can be found at the foot of this page)

  Year 12 Year 13
Term 1

What is sociology? - -BASICS OF SOCIOLOGY – An Introduction

Families and Households

Family diversity

Theory and the family


The Role of Education – Functionalist, Marxist, New Right and Feminism

Educational Underachievement - Class


Crime and Deviance

Theories of crime


Measuring crime – Ethnicity, gender and class.


The Media

What is the Media, and how has it changed?

The relationship between ownership and control of the media (Theories on the Media – Marxist, Neo – Marxist and Pluralism)

The selection and presentation of the news

Media Representation of Gender and Ethnicity
Term 2

Families and Households

Changes in the family structure – the division of labour, gender roles



Educational Underachevement – Gender

Educational Underachievement – Ethnicity

Changes to Educational Policy


Crime and Deviance

Globalisation and crime – Media, state crime, green crime

Crime prevention and punishment


The Media

Media Representation of age, social class, sexuality and disability

The relationship between the media, their content and presentation, and audiences.


The new media and their significance for an understanding of the role of the media in contemporary society

Assessment Trials Trials
Term 3



Theory and Methods

The media, globalisation and popular culture

Assessment Assessment week / resit trials Resit Trials

Useful Websites